Monday, September 24, 2007

Dancing with tears in my eyes

The line-up for this year's Strictly Come Dancing is actually quite good, as far as reality shows go. I don't watch this regularly myself, but I've seen enough of this and other reality TV shows to know that it's one others would kill for.

Personally, I think the whole reality thing is slowly dying off. Shows like SCD are the cream that has risen to the top, with the others ebbing away beneath them. True, Sky are inexplicably bringing back the execrable contradiction in terms Cirque du Celebrite, but this must be the last time. It's just full of recycled celebrities, most of whom were just ordinary people who appeared on reality TV shows and now appear on other reality TV shows. Viewers don't consider these people celebrities and want the real thing. This is where SCD wins. TV has eaten itself, and it's seeing the error of its ways and is sicking it all up. Only the strong will survive.

Heat magazine's circulation is in freefall, Big Brother 8 was less than successful, and while there's no end to celebrity culture in sight, there may just be an end to non-celebrity celebrity culture.

Fingers crossed.

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