Thursday, October 18, 2007

Don't kill the whale

Woo's doing it over on her site, but I just have to have my say about the BBC and its cost-cutting hell here.

It is a very wasteful organisation - always has been. Now it's paying the price.

I'm a big BBC fan too, and no one can match them for quality. But I really think they should ditch BBC 3 and BBC 4. BBC 4 is fantastic and one of my must-watch channels, but it's what BBC2 could and should be.

BBC3 on the other hand is stuffed with kiddie nonsense and dumb comedy no fucker watches. Think of the money that could be saved.

Saddest of all is selling off of the TV Centre. If they're making it into flats, however, I'll have one over-looking the donut. Or failing that the Blue Peter Garden.

As for the talent; it's an awful lot of money spent on people who hardly ever appear (on TV) in prime time - Ross, Norton, Paxman: all on the telly after 10pm with few viewers to speak of. No one's worth that much money. Norton's been an unmitigated disaster and cannot thrive outside of Channel 4. His campery is really duff. Ross is great on the radio though.

And I hear Dumot Murnaghan is going to Sky. Well, see ya!


Clair said...

I feel that the best of BBC 3 and BBC4 could be made into the one channel, the loss of Help! I Smell Of Fish! and Tittybangbang would not be noticed. It's a good point that money's being spent on what's not really mainstream talent; I'm a big fan of Graham Norton, but if Channel 4 want him back for a vast amount of moolah, let him go. This is what happens when you have ten-year-olds deciding what's hot and what's not. I wonder what David Attenborough gets paid in comparison.

Five-Centres said...

I bet Brucie does it for free.

Planet Mondo said...

The BBC has made few judgement errors, but when it hits its stride - comedy, documentaries, dramas and radio it’s untouchable, and I’d hate too see it become like ITV. But the more it seems to obsess over viewing figures and accountability the closer it seems to get.

TV audiences have changed for ever and I doubt viewing figures will ever be the same again. There are too many distractions and other interests – DVD box sets, Youtube, internet radio, Facebook, iPods, iTunes, mobile phones and MSN.

The BBC has invested in several presenters (and then put them in the wrong context)that aren’t gonna get bums on seats - audiences aren’t rent a crowd. Even the biggest names failed when they went over to the dark side The Goodies, Morecambe and Wise, Des Lynham – it's never gonna work the other way round.