Friday, October 26, 2007

Got to get them into your life

When I was a teenager, I hated the song Someday I'll Fly Away by Randy Crawford.

'BORING!', I used to think. I was far more interested in the ska revival or anything electronic. But that, pah! I've never been a big soul fan.

Now I'm 42, I find I've got room for a lot more music in my life. I still don't have that much soul, but I got to thinking about Randy Crawford and realised she's actually quite soothing and has a lovely voice. So today on the way in to work, the F-C ipod popped up with a bit of Randy, and it was the perfect antidote to the hustle and bustle of urban living.

There are lots of songs I've got time for now that I rubbished in my youth - some would call these guilty pleasure, but as you know I don't believe in that, they're just to be enjoyed - so a taster of those once derided numbers now so firmly clutched to the F-C bosom is as follows:

On My Own/Patti Labelle and Michael McDonald - 'we were already talkin' divorce/and we weren't even married'. Nice number which reminds me of being a student only because it was never off the bleedin' radio.

Anything by Dr Hook, especially Better Love Next Time. Those maracas make it.

Never Knew Love Like This Before/Stephanie Mills - sweet!

One Day At A Time/Lena Martell. I thought this was an absolute crime when it topped th charts back in 1979, what with knocking the Buggles off the number one slot. But making a 1979 playlist the other day (like I do), meant I had to be as completist as possible and this had to be included. And you know what; it's alright. Dare I say, inspirational? Sorry Lena, I had no idea. I also remember by grandma saying, 'One day at a time/ Well, that's what I have to do'. So I've a ready-made soft spot.

Shattered Dreams/Johnny Hates Jazz. For a start I thought it was the most terrible name (still do), and I found the lead singer very annoying. The Danny Dyer of pop singers. But a couple of years ago I heard it and thought it was a actually a really good song.

I draw the line however, at Living In A Box, anything by George Michale and Holding Back The Years by Simply Red. I have never and will never like these.


Clair said...

I'm a big fan of Dr Hook. I have a friend who slept with a member of the band, who found their member of disappointing size. When you're in love with a beautiful's small, sorry.

Don't you even like Room In Your Heart by Living In A Box?

And isn't it amazing that Lena got to number one? Those were the days when mums and dads still bought singles, I suppose.

Planet Mondo said...

I know what you mean - I do make allowances for AOR that I wouldn't have done at one time.

Randi Crawfords - Tradewinds, and Christopher Cross - Sailing.

Are both slightly soothing.

I blame it on Melody FM for getting me on it- 24 hours of random cotton wool songs (it's never been the same since it became magic)

chris said...

I like One Day I'll Fly Away. Hell, I even like the Nicole Kidman version from Moulin Rouge, although that's more to do with the OTT arrangement than any vocal talents on her part.

I always get Dr Hook mixed up with the Bellamy Brothers, who did the terrible If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body Would You Hold It Against Me, and the ace Let Your Love Flow.

I like Living In A Box by Living In A Box - I was watching the video on YouTube the other day, although bands in suits seems like something from a far distant time, now. Never liked Johnny Hates Jazz though.

LF Barfe said...

Wasn't Johnny Hates Jazz a deliberately bad band name? Like Swing Out Sister, who set out to find the naffest name they could think of?

chris said...

Obviously, I'm aware you get bands in suits now, it's just that Living In A Box looked like they knew an awful lot about the Midland Vector account.

Gwen said...

Actually I agree with your choices and I'm being honest too.