Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Time to move on

I noticed the Daily Express have got yet another Madeleine McCann story on their front page today. Now it's just getting silly. I realise as much as they do that it sells newspapers, but when there's nothing new to say, and when it's all but dropped off the TV news agenda isn't the constant speculation about where she is/if she's alive/if the parents speak out they will be jailed, etc.' getting out of hand? It's so desperate it's almost funny.

The Press watchdog should step in at times like this and tell them to move on. Can't they start digging up more Diana non-stories? That said, after today, they should have a wealth of them now that the inquest has started. No doubt that'll be sensational enough for them.

Does anyone out there actually read the Express? The only time I see it is when I go to my in-laws, and it really is the worst newspaper around. Just dull, really, with a load of nothingness not to get worked up about. Say what you like about The Daily Mail, but at least it's so full of crap scaremongering and right wing bile it actually stirs up some emotion in you. That's not something you can say about the Express.


Clair said...

I always think the Express is a paper for the elderly and younger losers.

Bright Ambassador said...

My dad 'took' the Express from when he was old enough to buy his own paper until the day he died. My mum carries on the tradition to this day. Apart from Sundays when she has the Mail, and I get bits saved from that Night and Day thingy. "I thought you might like to read this, it's about James Martin's cars". Cheers Mum.

Clair said...

I met some Express people last night - their constituency is still very much in the north. Why they think northerners deserve something a bit rubbish, I don't know.