Thursday, November 22, 2007

Great! It's the end of the world

I can't tell you how excited I am about this.

It's a Survivors remake at last. We recently watched all three series back to back and it was brilliant. But they MUST keep the opening credits and music. Utterly chilling.

Who'll star?


office pest said...

Yes F-C, with global pandemics threatened or predicted on a weekly basis these days it should be possible to do a 'War Of The Worlds' style 'live broadcast'.
I propose breaking in to the Christmas Day 5pm slot for a couple of hours, just to liven everyone up.
Here's a link to the titles if people don't remember it.

Planet Mondo said...

I hope they keep to the essence of the original rather than dollying it up and making it all puff and no substance. I hired Survivor recently and could remember one episode scene by scene having not watched it for 30 years

Totally agree with your comments on VS blog about Thriller too - I bought the box set (in the sale - marked down by £100!!). The episode Possesion is one of the most terrifying pieces of TV ever.

Up there with Karen Black and that doll in Trilogy of Terror and Joan Collins and the Pyshco Santa in Tales From The Crypt

Five-Centres said...

When will they put those two on DVD? I'm dying to see the Joan Collins/Santa again.

Agree about not tinkering with Survivors though. It'll be all mobile phones and extreme violence, I'm sure.

Ishouldbeworking said...

These recent threads have all just cost me a fortune on Amazon.

I totally agree with Planet Mondo - if 'Survivors' is to be creditably remade, they would do well to keep the sparse, pared-down feeling of the original series ( even if it actually came about through lack of money rather than artistic intention). it always seemed to be mid-February in every episode, but that felt completely appropriate.

Planet Mondo said...

Most of these vintage programmes work as there's space for the story, performers and direction to 'breathe'and no intrusive soundtrack.

Tales From The Crypt/Vault Of Terror, have just been released as double DVD set in the US - V.O.T has Terry Thomas as Mr Neat and Tidy who ends up being clonked with a hammer.

I got Trilogy of Terror via Ebay (don't think it's an officially endorsed copy though).

Five-Centres said...

I've followed your lead PM, and just bought them off eBay. Thank God for eBay.