Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas countdown

So how's the Christmas shopping going? I've been quite organised this year, mainly because I had deadlines as people were going away, etc., but i think I've broken the back of it.

Mrs F-C not proving to be a problem this year, as for once she's quite clear cut as to what she wants - and it's not a quails' egg cup that doubles as a fancy inkwell. Not that that's ever what she's asked for, it's her mother, the world's worst gift buyer.

Her heart is in the right place of course, but a biscuit barrell in the shape of a smiling cartoon cat (in baby blue) is not in keeping with F-C style. Books by Max Hastings also hold no interest, and neither do her own photographs of lone trees in Madeira or waves crashing on rocks in wherever, blown up to poster size and put in nasty driftwood frames (three years running).

The one good thing she ever bought me was the latest Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, though unfortunately I already had it. So in latter years I've suggested a cheque or vouchers might be better.

Anyhoo, hopefully I can mop up while we're in Helsinki this weekend for the now-traditional pre-Christmas break. The shopping's great there, especially the groovy Design District. So hopefully all will be done and dusted.

Off ice-skating with the cast of Holby City tonight, so must dash. That'll be me doing the Bolero with Patsy Kensit.


Planet Mondo said...

Mrs M is a tip top shopper, although I get "you're so difficult to buy for" every year she always comes up trumps, framed sheet music, signed books...

Worst present ever was from my Sister in Law, a 'bought from the market' hands free phone/car kit (I commute in on the train everyday !)

But not as the bad a colleague who was given- 20 Benson and Hedges and a pair of red socks by his Aunt

Was never really a Look In reader but do fancy finding this under the tree.

"Look-in": The Best of the Seventies - Graham Kibble-White

It's on Amazon with 'search inside' too

Graham Kibble-White said...

Ah, Planet Mondo. Excellent taste!