Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Not the devil we knew

Tonight is the press preview of the Christmas episode of Doctor Who. Kylie won't be there of course, as she's far to odd to attend such a do. Which has got me thinking about her.

When she reinivented herself all those years ago, I thought she was the biggest fox ever to stalk the planet. But now - well she's not really even a woman is she? She's a strange hybrid of doll and cartoon movie icon. It's almost like she's not real. She's certainly not attractive anymore, well not to me anyway. She's become this gay icon, victim and survivor and the 'Kylie' persona has overtaken whatever she once was. Her music's rubbish too.

She looked terrible on The X Factor at the weekend. What was she wearing? Net-covered thunderthighs. I don't mean to be rude, but it was awful. Dannii, with all the work she's had done is also bizarre-looking now. Has Kylie had work done? She must have to look like she does.

Even in overalls as Charlene in Neighbours she was the woman of my dreams. But now she's just plain weird.

So she wasn't at the do last night, but the episode itself, in which she plays a waitress is really good - as is she. Out goes Brand Kylie and in comes normal person. She should stick to acting.

And I had a wee next to Bernard Cribbins.


Clair said...

And she's terminally dull, too, isn't she? I'm sure she's a sweet person, but that doco on Channel 4 showed her to have nothing much going on behind the eyes, apart from a gift for making money.

Five-Centres said...

I didn't watch that, knowing there'd be no revelations about her. Pure bland PR stuff.

Ishouldbeworking said...

She was once very rude to Ian McCaskell on a chat show. I never trusted her after that.

Clair said...

Oh, and as it was pointed out to me on X-Factor, she looked like Leon's mum. There comes a point where you've got to let it go, love.

Planet Mondo said...

She was at her shiny pop pixie peak with 'Fever' - still a fantasic album, but she does seem to be losing her sparkle. Perhaps she's better off going back to acting.

PS - as promised have loaded some Xmas Tijuana tunes up on Planet Mondo

Bright Ambassador said...

I never have liked her as a person or her music. I always hated Stock, Aitken and Waterman and so she was guilty by association. Something, in my book, she's never escaped from. I've never liked any of her music. Ever.

And I don't see why men go mad for her, she's all gob and very little else. Wasn't there a rumour a few years ago she'd had a bum job?

And she looked like a prostitute on the X Factor.

Bright Ambassador said...

I really ought to get off that fence.

Matthew Rudd said...

She did do one of the best Audience With... programmes for ITV.... which I appreciate doesn't have much in the way of competition, certainly in the modern era. But anyone who can sing with Kermit and not look like they're after a cheap bit of cooing from the public deserves some grudging respect.

I dunno ... Kylie never did it for me in her pre-stylist days, and even not as the Erinsborough grease monkey; she's like Toyah to me, in that she got sexier as she got older.

But I've never actively disliked her ... I think she's ok in some lights, her music varies but sometimes it's excellent and she could look a good deal worse for someone for whom 40 is next.

Looks like I really am on the fence, so bright ambassador can not worry about the splinters in his buttocks any longer.

Badger Madge said...

up until recently i always thought she was stunning. small, cute, radiant, glowing, sparkling, elfin, stunning.

but i've seen her in a few tv appearances recently and she seems really… stretched. especially round the mouth area. odd…

and her "costume" on the x factor was dire.

office pest said...

Agree with previous comments that what she's doing now smacks of desperation and 'look! I'm back!'. However she could take an observational leaf out of Madonna or Cher's 'Book of ME' and just relax it a bit.
Guess it's hard though when you're a brand that requires petite, elfin sexiness not to panic as the years roll by.
And for anyone peddling elfin sexiness the considerable spectre of Anne Diamond must loom large in one's pixie mind.
I do like 'Confide in Me' though.