Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I was washing my hair over the bath, and then I realise I'd cricked my neck. All day on Sunday I felt stiff as a board. Then I woke up yesterday morning and I couldn't actually move my head up and down, or from side to side. I panicked. It was like being trapped in an iron lung.

A day off work was in order, obviously, and as the hours went by, TV was watched, music was listened to, itunes was fiddled with and the neck eased. So I'm back today.

The point of this story is however, how bloody ridiculous is it to put your back out washing your hair? It must be an age thing.

In a couple of week's time I've got a BUPA health check. The last one I had was three years ago and surprisingly (to me) it was fine. I left with the usual give up smoking advice ringing in my ears and promptly ignored it.

But I'm older now. I ache more. My leg hurts, I can't shake off a Christmas cough, I'm still smoking, I drink too much, I'm always tired and I don't get anywhere near enough exercise (though this is set to change soon - watch this space). In other words, I'm just leading a normal lifestyle.

But will it be my undoing at last?

So how are you doing?


Clair said...

I was doing a fitness video (yes, video!) this morning, and noticed my knees creaking a bit. I also noticed the scrolling message across the bottom of the screen saying 'consult your doctor before doing these exercises if you are over 40', which of course I ignored. I am combining this with a largely uphill 40-minute walk to the tube, and not eating so much crap (home-made red pepper and bean soup for me last night), and have given up booze for January, with a view to making it permanent. I intend to get my expensive and underused running shoes out later; see you in the park.

Ask me on 1 February if this annoying plan is still going, though, or if I can't move my neck any more.

Planet Mondo said...

How am I doing? Still suffering from 'Christmas bloat' unfortunatley. And finishing the last of left over goodies - choco' liquers, jars of choco's and savoury nibbles really isn't helping to burst the bubble.

No creaks, aches or twinges at the moment though - but no fitness plans either.

I did Kung Fu (Wing Chun)for 3 years a great way of keeping fit, until I got chopped on the neck and couldn't look left or right for 3 weeks. Canned it off after that.

Matthew Rudd said...

How am I doing? Pretty chipper. Dog walking keeps me in reasonable shape even though Adonis status is now never going to happen. My diet isn't outstanding but the unhealthy stuff I do consume is in reasonable moderation. Lost interest in smokes four years ago (go on FC, have a go) and my Guinness consumption is within medical recommendations.

I occasionally tweak my back after a Basset pulls too hard and too suddenly, mind. That's all. How un-temple-like my body is.

Ishouldbeworking said...

I switched from wearing winter boots to flat ballet pumps while I was away, and once I got home and back into heels both my calves seized up so that I could hardly bend my ankles. This would NOT have happened to me ten years ago.

I'm packing up booze at home during the week as I was feeling liverish (let's see how long THAT lasts). But food-wise I'm sticking with Low GI which seems to suit me. Home-made fragrant lentil and carrot soup last night.

As far as the fags go, I honestly don't think i'll ever smoke again now. And I used to love fags.

I think of my body as a much-renovated but sturdily buit semi that's probably going to need a bit of cash spending on it in a few more years, rather than a temple.

Hope your neck is thoroughly on the mend; a friend of mine sneezed vigorously last month and put his back, out to the extent that he was effectively bent double for a fortnight.

Bright Ambassador said...

I have a health check every year where I get told to lose weight. The guy dispensing this advice looks like The Great Soprendo crossed with Mr Creosote.

ally. said...

a couple of years ago i had a major calling an ambulance horror after a week (well lifetime) of super excessive booze drugs fags and no sleep. i thought i'd had it (being overdramatic at the best of times) but it turned out i had a kidney stone. at my check everything was alright trip to the hospital the next week the doctor sat me down for a stern talking to. ' cut down the rhubarb and spinach , other than that you're fine. ' i went straight to the pub and have rarely left since.
how i miss rhubarb and spinach.

Rob said...

My knee's going. My shoulders ache. I can see the skin on my face losing its youthful tautness (I meant to write that last sentence 15 years ago). I am seriosuly considering BUPA. Is this the way fwd, do you think?

Five-Centres said...

BUPA's worth a try when things start to fall apart. I get mine through my bank (long story). I only have to go once every three years.

Sounds like you're serious Clair. Good for you. At least you won't be asked to cut down on spinach and rhubarb - Ally that's a unique story.

Clair said...

I was at college with a bloke who was diagnosed with malnutrition, as all he was eating was tinned tuna. Let that be a lesson to us all.

Matthew Rudd said...