Thursday, January 10, 2008

Spoiler alert!

I've just seen a preview of Ashes To Ashes, the Life On Mars spin-off due on our screens very soon.

Thankfully, it looks great.

The emphasis seems to be on the comedy and the clothes. If this were case with Life on Mars, it would have been tiresome, littered with Spacehoppers, super-flares and Spangles. But where the Eighties are concerned, this type of thing is quite new.

I remember 1981 like it were yesterday (I was 16, after all), but I've not seen any faithful recreations of it to date. We've not yet tired of references to Audi Quatros, jumpsuits and Cabana bars but, in time, we will. For now though, let's sit back and enjoy it. Dean Andrews' curly perm and Keeley Hawes' white pleated jumpsuit and the Docklands setting make this show look like a cross between The Bitch and The Long Good Friday. Great stuff.

Not entirely sure what the premise actually is, but when Hawes' character 'wakes up', she knows all the characters. Her Test Card girl is Bowie's Ashes To Ashes clown.

I'm glad to say the music I heard is also right on target too. Nothing annoys me more than when they get the music wrong. People do notice these things.

Anyway, can't wait for this.


office pest said...

Well I can't wait either. Glad it seems up to scratch F-C, we expect a lot of our period dramas these days. I was 18 so my memory is similarly photographic.
I'll expect to see at least one Amstrad hi-fi in the first episode, preferably with voiceover by Tommy Vance while 'it protects my record while playing'.
Once the series is running, perhaps a short episode analysis discussion might be in order, if you feel up for it?

Five-Centres said...

Oh yes, let's talk later.