Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Five songs from the Five-Centres ipod No.10

Enough with the health issues already, let's get back to something far more interesting. Music.

Here are five tunes that are tickling my fancy at the moment:

Strumpet/My Life Story I've always liked this song, and in about 1996 I played it to death. It's the only song of theirs I've ever heard, but I was particularly taken by the 'her feather boa constricts her line'. It's a very loud song, louder than most anything else on my ipod, but it's a perfect pop tune and should have been a huge hit. I think it only ever got to something like no.25. Wasn't the lead singer well-known as a bit of a tit?

Friends/Sandy Denny From the album that's probably her finest (solo) hour, Like An Old Fashioned Waltz. It's 1975, and you've just moved to a bit of a bleak bit of London. Your flat's alright though, and you've got quite an interesting job and some good pals. At nights you might have them round for dinner. Something a little fancy, perhaps chilli con carne or carbonade of beef. You smoke No.10s, drink a lot of hock and have candles in jam jars. Your walls are pale green, your furniture is wooden. This is is your soundtrack.

The Ashes, Rain And I/The James Gang I can't tell you how much I love the album Meridian 1970 (thanks TT!). Every single track is magnificent. This is yet another.

Anthem (One Day In Every Week)/The New Seekers Yes, you can dismiss them out of hand, but their singles were really good. I always found Marty Kristian and Lyn Paul annoying though. However, this 1978 minor Top 40 hit is an over-looked gem. It's a song about a struggle, and it shows. I've got it on single, I don't think it's on an album anywhere. Quite lovely though. Have I posted about this before? Well, I still love it.

Un Altro Mare/Ennio Morricone I'm a sucker for Sixties ladies do-do-do-do-doing breathily over groovy Hammonds, so if you are too, then Ennio is your man. Two albums Mondo Morricone and More Mondo Morricone, both music collections from Italian films, are way up my street.


A Kitten in a Brandy Glass said...

What an evocative description of 1975! I'm also seeing cheesecloth on the table and one of those origami-type lampshades...

Clair said...

Love that My Life Story track; reminds me of the time I was working on a pop magazine when I was a decade too old. Ho hum. I am currently obsessed with an 80's pop compilation I've burned, especially Pop Muzik and I Am The Beat, the latter of which I defy anyone to listen to without a smile on their face.

Planet Mondo said...

I don't know any of those tracks, but will get on them smartly.

Back in the 80's we used to have inter band football matches against My Life Story, our group and few fans vs their group and few fans at the local park. We all had hangovers and none of us could play football. Hopeless.