Monday, March 17, 2008

Five songs from the Five-Centres ipod No.11

Nice weekend everyone? Weather was shocking, but that doesn't bother me.

So now that we've got a whole long week stretching ahead - and it's not going to be an easy one - it's time for some great tunes to take your mind off.

Here are some current faves from the F-C ipod:

Beware Of Young Girls/Dory Previn
I always thought Dory Previn was Andre Previn's daughter, and I'd sneered at her for years for riding on Daddy's coat tails, without actually ever having heard a word of her music. Turns out she was actually his wife, and this fantastic song is all about how you shouldn't make a friend of a young girl and invite her into your home, or she steal your husband, just like Mia Farrow did to her. Ladies, you have been warned.

Paper Cup/5th Dimension Nice piece of sub-psychedelic soul from the people who bought you The Age Of Aquarius, Carpet Man and Wedding Bell Blues. Nice soulful harmonies on a song about a lonely paper cup. No, really.

Let's Work/Mick Jagger I used to hate this song, as it was played every day on Capital Radio - I listened because living in London it was the law - on my way home from the worst job of my life (classified ad sales, since you're asking). This, along with Hey Matthew, Love In The First Degree and Dinner With Gershwin almost made me physically sick when I thought about them. Until now. The others you can keep, but I think this solo effort of Mick's is great. Bounce-along, very Eighties work-out type song. It's so on the move. I think I did like it at the time, but musical snobbery forbade me from admitting it to myself.

I'm The Man Who Murdered Love/XTC From the Wasp Star album, one that I've not given too many listens, comes this classic slice of XTC. Nice big chorus, lots going on the background, the usual incredulity of Andy Partridge. Try it, you'll like it.

Moonlight and Muzak/M Though I've owned the follow up to the mighty Pop Muzik for years, I only recently got to listen to it again, and it's a revelation. While it's nothing like their legendary hit, it's still got the quirkiness of Robin Scott, some nice electronic woodwind action and a sinister late night feel. They should have been huge.


Roman Empress said...

Mick Jagger did an excellent album called 'wandering spirit' which funnily enough I ordered again last night after having lost it. (1993). It's so good I was thinking of blogging about it at one stage.

FeedbackReport said...

Paper Cup is very, very ace indeed. That clip on YouTube of them performing it on TV is hilarious, though.

Multifuncional said...

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Ishouldbeworking said...

I love that Dory Previn song. And of course I keep an eagle eye on any 24-year olds, especially the wistful and pale ones, who come within sniffing distance of my husband. That was a good piece of advice.

Planet Mondo said...

Huzzah for the XTC tune, what a top track - Apple Venus and Wasp Star are belters both - the Colin Moulding tunes 'Standing In For Joe', 'Fruit Nut' and 'Frivolous' are sitcoms in song. I'm off to the Cotswolds soon and XTC are compulsory listening when out west(ish).

I heard Steve Wright and guests slating this on his version of 'Roundtable' when it was put out as a single - Bah!

And don't start me on the Elvis Costello overrated Andy Partridge Underrated rant.

Clair said...

I love the way Keef called Mick's solo elpee Goddess In The Doorway , 'Dogshit In The Doorway'.

Brian Cleary said...

Great Mick Jagger song. As much as I hate the Stones, I really love that song and despite the fact that it was played to death on the radio in 87 it failed to make any significant dent on the charts.

With regards to Dogshit In The Doorway there is one great song on that album called 'Visions of Paradise', very much of its time. Nevertheless, not a hit.

Didn't that album sell something like 64 copies in its first week of release?