Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dust In The Wind

As Think Of Laura by Christopher Cross popped onto the iPod this morning, I made my mind up.

I'm having a soft rock summer this year.

What could be better than the warmer months soundtracked by Journey, Styx, The Little River Band, Toto, Kansas, Fleetwood Mac, America, England Dan & John Ford Coley, Seals and Crofts, Exile, Dan Fogelberg, Juice Newton, Kim Carnes, Wings, etc? Chuck in something a little heavier too, a bit of Rush, perhaps.

And be sure to leave some room for country rock. That new Kid Rock song that samples Sweet Home Alabama and Werewolves Of London is going to be this summer's biggest hit. It'll be everywhere. I think it's very infectious and makes enjoy sunny days for a change. So throw open those windows and chuck on Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Allman Brothers, the Eagles, some Three Dog Night, some Linda Rondstadt, Little Feat, Poco, Doobie Brothers, some late period Byrds, etc., and enjoy.

When September comes, so the folk basket is re-opened, for some late summer Jethro Tull, some Sallyangie, Pentangle (who I'm going to see on Sunday) and Mellow Candle.

That's me sorted then. Perfect for a daytrip to Cleethorpes. As long as no-one's sick.

Enjoy this lazy YouTube embed and excuse the naff video:


Clair said...

I know I've plugged them on my blog, but this lot are seventies soft rock made lovelier for the Noughties. I want to marry them.

Planet Mondo said...

The Sonic Exec's very tasty Jellfyfish cover is well worth lending an ear here.

And Roger Manning's new tunes are magic
'Down In Front' is Chicory Tip meets Giorgio Moroder

Also there's a great Beach Boys tune that fits the easy breezy mood, which I'll be blogging soon.

Bright Ambassador said...

Can I just say that I absolutely fucking (sorry for Lord Mayoring) detest that fucking wanky Kid Rock single? I'd rather vomit a coal scuttle than listen to that again. It's very existence makes me feel nauseous. And it's on Radio 2 at least once an hour.

See Inchy's blog for more details.

Five-Centres said...

Don't hold back, BA. if you've got something to say, say it.

Thanks for your music recommendations everyone.

Beth said...

Hurrah! Soft Rock the comeback!
Soft Rock rocks!!!

Planet Mondo said...

Balls - I've just checked my previous links, they're broken - here's the working ones

Sonic Exec's Vid

Roger Manning