Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Fern but fair

There's lots of talk of Fern Britton 'letting us down' with her gastric band, while attributing her weight loss to jogging through Battersea Park and eating Ryvita. People are calling for her sacking from This Morning.

Questions must be asked:

a) Has she let 'us' down?

b) Has she let dieters down?

c) Was it necessary to lie - what's the shame in a quick fix op to shed a few stone?

d) Is her husband a feeder?

e) Like me, could you give a fig?

I have a soft spot for her since her Coast To Coast days, so to me, she can do no wrong.


Chris Hughes said...

You've got two c's there. Some journalist you are, F-C. Anyway, the second c made me laugh. A lot.

Five-Centres said...

Whoops, thanks Chris! I do give a fig for correct ordering.

Clair said...

Hmph...she was once rather rude to me at a Certain TV Awards Ceremony when I said she looked lovely, so she can get stuffed as far as I'm concerned. Stuffed on not very much,ha ha ha.

Bright Ambassador said...

Sex on fat legs.

Heavenly Demise said...

I bet the 'This Morning', sofa and chairs are very happy she's had it done.

Matthew Rudd said...

Fern's ace. As if it's any of our business. I hate tabloid newspapers.

goodbyetoallfat said...

"...Coast To Coast days"

Ah, you must be from the southern counties like myself then as well?

(I was born in Dorset: "Dorset born and Dorset bred, strong in the arm, thick in the head" altho I now learn that that lovely catchphrase is also claimed by *other* counties as well !!!)

My viw is that although it was a bit disingenuous of Fern not to have mentioned her gastric band two years ago, I think I recall that Spring 2006 is when the last Celebrity Fit Club aired on TV with the infamous "Anne Diamond" incident.

I have a feeling Fern may have been trying to avoid the backlash that Anne Diamond suffered.

Five-Centres said...

Indeed I am from that neck of the woods, but the next one along, Hampshire.