Monday, June 23, 2008

Here's one she shagged earlier

I wonder why Valerie Singleton has chosen to admit to a string of lovers now? Was she about to be exposed so did that thing where she speaks up rather than have that option removed?

Anyway, it's all quite silly and sounds made up to me. Peter Purves! Well, really.

Oh, and she's not gay. She's always denied the old Joan Armatrading rumour (I thought Joan and Selina Scott were an item at one stage too), which is a shame as it's a great story and I think they make a lovely couple. The rest of her suitors I can't keep up with. I'm reeling. Frankly though, all her revelations come across as a bit desperate and sordid.

An engagment to Pete Murray (no wonder she called it off), romping with Purves (all my childhood illusions shattered - was Jack Hargreaves doing it with Bunty James?), and a secret abortion. Oh there were others in between.

She's keen for us to think she was never whiter than white. She's 71. What does it matter now? Truth is, I'm disappointed. I wanted her to be at it with Joan Armatrading, not schtupping Peter Purves beneath the advent crown. Anyway, what on earth did he see in her? It's not like she was Jenny Hanley or even Lesley Judd. Even Princess Anne went through a brief fox phase, but not Val. Too much of a blue stocking.

I don't think I believe it. Any of it.


Chris Hughes said...

It might have been worse, it could have been Noakes. That really doesn't bear thinking about.

Roman Empress said...

I wonder if there's much purple in that wardrobe?

Heavenly Demise said...

Some things are best left unsaid. It has put a unsettling cloud over my childhood and I might be forced to sue her for emotional damge.

Matthew Rudd said...

And here was me hoping for a sizzling love-fest involving Sarah Greene and Janet Ellis.

Ishouldbeworking said...

I wasn't aware of any of this. I'm horrified.

LF Barfe said...

Who was it that called her 'Valerie Singleperson-What Rumours?'?