Friday, June 06, 2008

Summer's over!

Big Brother ruins lives - it's certainly ruined mine.

There we were, teas at the ready, settling back into bed to watch Everybody Loves Raymond at 7.30, when in it's place comes the bloody Big Brother launch show.

I like to wake up to gentle comedy, not shouting and definitely not Davina McCall. Isn't she a bit old to be doing this now? I despise her.

Anyhoo, we watched a bit of it. I must confess though, that while I'm not a fan and have not seen a series of BB since year two, I do always watch the first show to see who goes in and then leave it at that. I don't care who wins, etc.

What I find interesting is that each year the producers say they've found a different bunch of people to the ones they had last year, after last year's series gets the inevitable mauling, when of course they are exactly the same hateful wannabes, ghastly show-offs and small town misfits they've always been. The only difference this year is that one of the contestants is blind.

Will it be a hit? Who knows. Heat magazine would die without it and after last year's debacle where a paucity of BB covers spoke volumes, everyone needs it to be a success.

Anyway, that's it on the subject from me. Probably.


Planet Mondo said...

I can't stand it - it can really only work once, after the first series it's just gurning, grotesques and playing to the gallery and getting camera time.

It's like that horrible section from Channel Four's The Word, spread over over the summer

Matthew Rudd said...

I'm not bothering this year - normally I watch it every other year but I can't be arsed.

There's a caveat with Davina though - she's hard work most of the time, but I think she is absolutely brilliant at Big Brother.

Anonymous said...

I really really didn't want to get sucked in, but found myself watching it last night.

Am delighted that BB has devised the most wickedly delicious and deserving "punishment" they could for Mario and Lisa who "wannabe the first couple on BB" .... but have been manipulated to become a NON couple, whilst Mario will be forced to marry his new pretend girlfriend "Steph" at the weekend !!!!!!

These fame hungry self publicity seeking wannabes deserve no less than that!

Heavenly Demise said...

Have not watched it since season one and I watched hardly any of that. It's TV for dribblers!