Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Revelling in it

Quite like this story, despite disapproving of its inspiration.

I've always liked Revels and I like it that they're still around. Remember the coconut one? That was my second least favourite after the peanut one which, I'm happy to note, disappeared recently, no doubt because everyone's got a nut allergy these days (I knew no one who had a nut allergy as a child - did you?).

My top choice has always been the orange one, then the Malteser, then the coffee (which replaced coconut IIRC), then caramel then the raisin last, which is my new least favourite.

So I'm voting out with the raisin and in with a new soft centre. I like soft centres, but they're really going out of fashion. I don't like praline at all, and all chocolates now are praline. How did this happen? Why have tastes changed so much. I was horrified to see a box of Black Magic recently that has been reduced to about six flavours, most of which are praline and hard centres. I know your secret now! You're unappealing and vile.

Bring back the chartreuse bullion and the lemon barrel and we can all get on with our lives.


rockmother said...

Oh - Lemon Barrel - I've just had a Terry's All Gold moment! I might have to go and buy some chocolate liquers....

Anonymous said...

I have almost the opposite tastes, FC. I *hate* the coffee one, and my second least favourite would be the orange one!

Will be interesting to see what the public vote for.

Planet Mondo said...

FC I'm with you on Orange and Coffee. Least favourite are raisin and rogue soggy Malteser ones.

Most missed choco's are toffee and mallow and the cherry one in Black Magic. The Cracknel thing (red shiny wrapper) in Quality Street.

Have you ever played Revels Roulette? - just close your eyes and cross your fingers that it's one you like.

Five-Centres said...

I'm all for seeing the face I love light up, Rockmother. But now they do them in milk, and that won't do at all.

A lot of people hate the coffee one Sharon, and i think that's going to be the one to get the chop.

And oh yes, PM, I've played that many times. You can tell by the shape what it is the second you pop it in your mouth. I miss the Black Magic orange cream and the Dairy Box wafer

Clair said...

My mum used to love the Terry's Spartan hard-centres assortment. And Weekend, of course.

Five-Centres said...

I'm dying to know what was actually in Spartan, as I remember the box with some Greek ruins on it and wondered how many hard centres there could possibly be.

I loved Weekend. Granny's favourite. I have a lovely point of sale card with a giant picture of a box of Weekend on it: the marzipan one, the gooved fudge, the orange jelly, the colourful montelimar! Mmmm.

Mrs Pouncer said...

Black Magic used to have a marzipan one, too. It disappeared in about 1970, and I don't suppose anyone remembers the gooseberry centre? Weekend - yummers! There was a sort of pink open-sandwich fondant which made you feel quite sick, but you had to have it. Oh, and Black Magic had the BEST coffee centre, and also the cherry in a sort of syrup.
And on a separate but related subject, can anyone else in the whole world remember the original Plain Chocolate Flake which was in a red foil wrapper and lasted from about 1968 - 1971? I last bought one in Liverpool, summer 1971. And whatever happened to Bar Six?

Five-Centres said...

I don't remember the plain Flake, though there's a great picture of that and other sweet wrappers in Robert Opie's Sixites scrapbook.

Loving your sweet memories, Mrs P.