Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TV Story Of The Moment

With all the fuss about Ross and Brand (I hate them both, see previous blog entries), no one's noticing that Richard and Judy's new show is pulling in an average of 21,000 viewers a night.

It comes as no surprise to me. No one watched them on C4. Thing is, people simply don't like them. They are not a draw in the least, and the only reason anyone would watch is to see what bonkersness Richard comes out with next. There's a man who suffers from delusions of grandeur if ever there was one.

So all that, along with the fact that they're on a channel called Watch (we're not), which no one cares or knows about, means it was always doomed to failure. Why no one realised this in the first place remains to be seen. There they are, sandwiched between what are, at the end of the day, a load of old repeats from about a month ago. Why would anyone bother to tune in? What exactly is in it for them?

Why I'm not running TV is anyone's guess.

On another note, wasn't Spooks marvellous? I've seen ep 2, and it's brilliant. Hermione Norris is as cool as a cucumber, she's ace. And Richard Armitage is a great new character. Do we trust him? Do we buffalo.

PS I've been tagged by Avenues and Alleyways to do one of those meme things in which you spill five things no one knows about you, which I will do but I'm trying to think of something interesting to say. So bear with me.


Bright Ambassador said...

"Why I'm not running TV is anyone's guess"

Because in a previous post you said you'd like to see the return of the test card, that's why. Ho ho!

office pest said...

Pages from Ceefax with tragic stories accompanied by jolly 60s style Radio 2 Orchestra music are fab too.

More please, FCBC!