Monday, November 03, 2008

Our survey said: Fuck off!

How many times do hear of a new poll that tells us Bohemian Rhapsody has been voted the best single of all time? Or what about The Godfather topping the latest list of best-loved films?

And what about: pregnant women shouldn't drink too much coffee, or scientists have discovered eating a Mediterranean diet is good for you.

This is then reported to us like it's news - well listen, Mr so-called TV programming man - WE'VE HEARD IT ALL BEFORE! AND IT ISN'T!

I don't mean to shout - well actually I do, but BBC Breakfast is particularly guilty of this sort of thing, with everyday bringing a spurious new survey about teachers, doctors, physiotherapist or coopers. This is then presented as headline news. But this isn't news. It's a magazine or newspaper item and nothing more.

That's the problem with news programmes. There's too much time to fill. So it's filled with crap like this. How many mobile phone companies can commission polls on best ever whatever, or bread companies find the person you'd most like butter toast with? It's all PR, but it's fleeting nonsense.

Save me from the modern world.


office pest said...

A Doctor writes: Mr Centres, you have been watching too much mock-news and you have hypertension. Recent studies suggest that Grapes and Chicken Soup can help you to reduce your blood pressure:

Though not taken together of course, that would only make it worse.

Peel two grapes and call me in the morning.

Clair said...

I quite fancy buttering some toast with - in no particular order - Geoffrey Palmer, Len Goodman, Jamie Oliver and Andrew Graham Dixon.