Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pure Evil

Someone sent me that list of BNP members yesterday, with the message: 'you're on this'. I'm not of course, but I immediately searched for anyone I might know. I didn't know how I'd react if I found them. Imagine finding your boss on their or your Dad! Luckily I didn't know anyone, though I didn't get the chance to look at the full list.

What I did see I found repugnant. All those members, all part of a secret society that dare not speak it's name. A sinister underground movement that works in mysterious ways. It's like a Dennis Wheatley novel. Society wise, no stone was left unturned. The whole class system represented. Whole families in there, children under 18, all fully paid up to the cause. Who knew that the Dennisons at No.15 were in the BNP? You do now!

What I found most disturbing, however, was seeing doctors, teachers, nurses and policemen on the list. One woman, a ward sister, described her hobbies as including cross-stitch, cooking and 'helping those in need' - not everyone in need, I presume. Just white British. It's make me want to be physically sick.

I find it all shocking and chilling. This secret society, Policemen who have to be discreet, private investigators, company directors, people who had changed their name - and not because they'd got married. You just don't know people do you?

I can't link to it now, as it's been removed, but it made horrible reading.

Who's your neighbour?


Cocktails said...

I heard Nick Griffin on the Today programme this morning saying that this leak was actually really good PR for the party - it proves that the BNP isn't just for skinheads, it attracts 'respectable' people from across society.


Ishouldbeworking said...

I heard the same piece with the odious Griffin chortling about the 'free publicity' and it turned my stomach.

The BNP may never impact heavily in purely electoral terms, but given some of the people on that list and the comparative, everyday power they hold, the Party remains a pernicious little tumour within the democratic process. You may never have a BNP MP (I say 'may'), but you might well be treated by a doctor who's a paid-up party member. And if your skin isn't the right colour or you've got a 'funny' surname, god help you.

Red Squirrel said...

A few weeks back I was putting the rubbish out when I saw a couple of unsavoury-looking characters (shaved heads, bomber jackets) shouting to each other in the street and thought, hmm, what's going on here - I think I'll step back inside pronto. A few seconds later, we got a delightful pamphlet through the door called something like The New Patriot (you can imagine: Union Jack, "dangerous"-looking "foreigners", lies, scaremongering, more lies) – the local BNP's "news"letter, apparently, the purpose of which was mainly to condemn the council's outrageous, political-correctness-gone-mad equality policy. Made me SO angry that they felt they could put this hate-filled shit through my letterbox. Of course, I wasn't going to take that up with the scary skinheads who were delivering them door to door... Serves me right for living near Essex, I guess.
Anyway, doesn't matter what the profession or socio-economic standing – these people are all just yobs. Why our race hate legislation doesn't outlaw the BNP I don't know. Shame on the BBC for even giving Griffin a platform - I'm going to go and make 40,000 complaints to Ofcom.
PS Surprising fact: Nick Griffin went to the same school as Billy Bragg.

Five-Centres said...

"Living near Essex", Squirrel? Don't you mean, "in" Essex?

TimT said...

Sorry to get all serious (for once), but surely you're missing the point? It's not a secret society, it's a bona fide political party which has to follow the same rules as all the others - and that means that if any of its members steps out of line, it smears the whole party, in the same way as the Tories were discredited in the 90s by a series of sleaze stories.

And 'dare not speak its name?' I'd have thought anyone who's willing to join the BNP would be more than happy to talk about it, and to share their (obnoxious) views. Obviously they're not going to introduce themselves by saying: 'Hello, I'm Joe and I'm in the BNP', but then, who does?

My view is that in any society, there are always going to be a small proportion who hold views that are obnoxious to the majority. I'd rather those people joined a party, however objectionable, and campaigned alongside the other parties - the people to be scared of are the hardcore nutters like Combat 18, who really do operate under the radar and carry out nasty, scary operations.

Five-Centres said...

I would have thought they'd be willing to shout about it too, TT, but the very fact that's all been kept so under wraps as to just who's in the party speaks volumes.

TimT said...

But no political party makes details of its membership public, does it? I haven't checked, but I'd imagine that if I phoned the local Conservative party and asked for a list of their members, they'd give me very short shrift.

Red Squirrel said...

I would argue that the BNP should NOT be a valid political party. It just legitimises their knee-jerk opinions and messages of hatred, and without that, they'd just be a bunch of red-faced berks getting worked up about immigration over eight pints of wifebeater down the local Wetherspoons. Hold on, now I'm sounding like a fascist...