Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Man Upstairs

Sad to see that John Martyn has died.

His blend of folky bluesy jazzy rock is not everyone's cup of tea, but there is a time when nothing else but Solid Air or Bless The Weather will do.

I met him at the Mojo Awards last year. I was behind him while he was being carried down some steps in his wheelchair backwards (so he was facing me) - he was a big man, and I mean big, and it took quite a few big lads to lift him - and he was smiling and chatting and chuckling all the time. He seemed in good spirits, considering. He looked quite scary but the twinkle in his eye meant he was clearly a lamb.

He'll be much missed.


Planet Mondo said...

He'll be deeply missed in our house - I only got into him a few years ago but felt like I'd known his work all my life.

He's been the soundtrack to holidays, honeymoons, and late night booozy dos.

An incredible, incredible musician - innovative, adaptable with a unique tone, texture and technique..

I'll be raising a glass of red in his memory tonight

Nick Tann said...

I raised a glass...ok a bottle...