Monday, February 09, 2009

Not as funny as it thinks it is

I hate that new Cadbury's Dairy Milk advert in which two funny-looking Midwich cuckoo children raise their eyebrows to Afrika Bambaata's Planet Rock (I think). I thought that gorilla one was mildly amusing the first time I saw it, then I'd had enough. This one, however, I didn't like from the start. I find it off-putting. Everytime I think of Cadbury's chocolate I think of brows.

I don't like viral marketing and I find ads in which the product never appears to think themselves a cut above. Oh how those coke-fuelled creatives must cackle as they come up with these wacky ideas. I assume they've been a success for Cadbury's, otherwise they wouldn't do them. They think everyone's talking about them and perhaps they are. Kids might think they're hilarious, while surely adults just sit stone-faced throughout. Or am I being a miseriblist?

Adverts these days are so esoteric. Everyone wants to be clever and cryptic, but it's just arch. I don't know what they're selling half the time.

It's high time they revived the June Whitfield Bird's Eye Chicken pie advert. Could make a dishonest woman of you.


office pest said...

Yes F-C, very Stephen King. I fear those children.
I think if you feed kids enough CDM though that's the hyperactive result.
Imagine a classroom full of them doing 'the eyebrows' - that's what's going off at my daughter's school apparently...

Ishouldbeworking said...

Haven't seen this one, F-C, but will try to avoid it. I completely misinterpreted that one with the gorilla when I first saw it, and after that I was scared of it. And I never by Cadbury's Dairy Milk, it's disgusting.

Five-Centres said...

I prefer plain chocolate. And thought of kids doing that all over Britain is very scary indeed, OP.

Planet Mondo said...

I haven't seen it, but didn't get the gorilla one at all.

The Guinness surfer thing is possibly the most over-rated ad, that boggle-eyed leathery ol' face really isn't selling it..

TimT said...

The trouble with the Dairy Milk ads (including the second in the series, the one with the airport vehicles racing to a Queen soundtrack) is that they could be advertising anything. I suspect they're all just random ideas the ad agency had hanging around, waiting for a client who was gullible enough to pay for them.

Esoteric ads aren't a particularly modern phenomenon, though. Don't you remember those Silk Cut ads from the 70s and 80s, for example? Lots of beautiful, strange photography, but no mention of cigs at all.

Matthew Rudd said...

I prefer these ads to Elton John singing that "It'll taste spec-tac-u-LAR!" song from a few years back.

Do they mention a glass and a half any more? That seemed to hit a spot.

Five-Centres said...

Yes, those ads are 'a glass and a half production'.

I liked it when Cilla was hanging off the back of a bus.