Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This woman really should lighten up

I read today that Chrissie Hynde once punched Carly Simon. Can you think of anyone more inoffensive than Carly Simon? So why did Chrissie Hynde lamp her one? If her interviews are anything to go by, she was probably eating a ham sandwich in her vicinity.

I like the Pretenders and I think Chrissie Hynde has a great voice, but I do wish she'd lighten up. The punk attitude and rabid political views are all very well, but why doesn't she give herself a break once in a while. All interviewers seem petrified of her, and she comes across as the most humourless, unsmiling martinet you could never wish to meet. I bet she's a really embarrassing mum, too.

She clearly doesn't get enough protein. She's so uptight. What she could do with is a really good crispy bacon doorstop dripping with brown sauce. Then she can remove that poker from her arse.


Benjamin said...

I may be wrong about this, but I seem to recall that this was some time ago at a Joni Mitchell concert. Hynde, so legend has it, was pissed, standing up and making all manner of annoying whooping noises. Simon politely suggested she may want to sit down and shut the fuck up; Hynde responded by wrestling her to the ground and beating her around the head. Nice.

Five-Centres said...

There's simply no need to be that aggressive. She's a strong personality. We get it.

Ishouldbeworking said...

She did make me laugh once (just the once) when she suggested that 'meat eaters give off really bad karma'. Given that two of her band mates died of drug overdoses, I couldn't help wondering what state her own karma might be in.

TimT said...

Mark Ellen told a good story on the Word podcast a while back.

He was invited to some media do and found himself sitting next to an empty chair where someone was running late. He was starving and ordered a massive steak, so rare it was practically bleeding. The meat arrived at the same time as his tardy neighbour - I think you can guess who it was.

Apparently she maintained a frosty silence throughout the rest of the meal.

Five-Centres said...

She's such an overgrown student.