Tuesday, March 10, 2009

'Course you can, Malcolm

I've not been at all well. Last Friday I felt I was maybe coming down with something, but put it down to Las Vegas jet lag. Saturday I woke up with a sore throat and so it went on. Yesterday I was off work feeling rather sorry for myself.

A restful day at home lying on the sofa watching TV (Mississipi Burning, the last part of Moses Jones, From Russia With Love in HD, two Law & Order: SVU - a current obsession - and Escape From Alcatraz), expectorating, dozing with the cat on my lap and blowing my nose until it came off was just what the doctor ordered. Perhaps now I could do with a tonic wine. I miss Lucozade when I'm ill and how it used to come in that amber cellophane. It was a tonic for the convalescing, not a skateboarder dude favourite. Where did it all go right?

Anyhoo, it is of course just a cold (don't say manflu - men are allowed to be ill too, you know), but it's been everything from diabetes to throat cancer to Legionaires disease to shingles. I've managed to avoid every single illness that was doing the rounds over the autumn and the winter - all those vomiting bugs and heavy doses of flu - so I think I've got a away rather lightly with this cold, though it has been quite exhausting. Well it would be, wouldn't it.

So back at work today and soldiering on. Talking of soldiering, it occurred to me that I was born 20 years after WWII. Imagine if I was born today, WWII would have ended in 1989, and how recent does that seem?

Just a thought.


Chris Hughes said...

The problem with being ill these days is what you call it. I had a nasty virus for a few days in January, but I felt a bit sheepish phoning up work and saying "I've got a virus". It just sounds so vague.

But then I hate it when people say they've got the flu, when they patently haven't. I had the flu once and I could hardly walk for two days. You can't say you've got a cold because that sounds pathetic.

And if you actually use the word "manflu", you just sound like a berk, and a skiving berk at that.

Ishouldbeworking said...

I went down with what sounds like the same thing yesterday. It's horrible for about three days and then you start to pick up, apparently. Home-made red lentil soup helped a bit. But Lucozade was never the same once they got rid of the cellophane and tried to make it into a funky sports drink. It meant it lost its comforting properties.

Get better soon.