Monday, April 27, 2009

Summer Fun

This is probably going to be my only post this week as I'm off all over the country with the Five Centres Roadshow.

After the success of the wedding disco - and it really was a huge hit I'm relieved to say, I've decided to take the show on the road.

So if you're in Nottingham on Tuesday, Oxford on Wednesday, Manchester on Thursday and London on Friday, then why not pop along? There'll games, music, fun, special guests and more. Anyone turning up with a Five-Centres t-shirt get's a special I've Got Five-Centres bumper sticker and mug.

We'll be playing Bits and Pieces, Mrs F-C is taking on the Smiley Miley role giving as good as she gets, and we'll be joined by the likes of Gimme Some hitmaker Brendon, Gardener's World's Joe Swift, Name That Tune's Maggie Moone, from Freshly Squeezed Rick Edwards and Alexa Chung, Middle Of The Road, GMTV's Richard Arnold and reforming exclusively for F-CUK, Our Kid.

Shame about the weather, but you can't have it all.

F-CUK On The Roooooooooaaaaaaaaad!


Planet Mondo said...

Good work FC glad it went well - there's nothing quite like nailing the right tunes is there..

We had a Radio Luxembourg Roadshow visit Southend in the early 80s. I got shoved onstage by my mates for Bits and Pieces. I won - the prize was a case of Crocodillo (remember that) which we spent the afternoon glugging back.

I also met David Hamilton (who arrived in a white Rolls Royce with two dolly birds) at a crazy golf course in Eastbourne. He was in town for the Radio One Roadshow the next day.

Chris Hughes said...

I'm looking forward to visiting the Five-Centres Goodiemobile. I'm going to buy a furry bug, a novelty rubber and one of those cardboard spiral hats with F-C's face on the peak.

A Kitten in a Brandy Glass said...

Are furry bugs (with googly eyes) ever still produced, or are they as extinct as their ancestor, the gonk?

Ishouldbeworking said...

Oh super. Is there any chance of an appearance by the Young Generation, featuring Wei Wei Wong and Nicky Henson? For that I'd turn out even if it was still raining.

Nice to hear mention of David 'Diddy' Hamilton from Mondo. 'Diddy' used to go out with a Page 3 Stunna whose dad was a judge, you know. Sometimes she used to pose in a judge's wig, for fun.

Chris Hughes said...

Here's your answer, Kitten...

Now in "Galaxy colours"!

Five-Centres said...

Galaxy colours?

Well let's hope for good weather. The dolly birds don't like getting their sashes wet.

Clair said...

Diddy's son works in my office, apparently. And we might be able to rustle up a member of the Second Generation, eh?

Five-Centres said...

Oh yes, Clair, I'd forgotten about her. She'll do it, knees permitting.