Friday, May 15, 2009

Too shite

We're not talking about the Kajagoogoo revival because for me they never went away. Not really. I didn't mind Too Shy and actually really do quite like follow-up single Ooh To Be Ah, both on my ipod, naturally. A friend of my who reads this blog once burnt Limahl with a hairdryer.

Anyway, I won't be among the hoards snapping up tickets though, if such a thing actually materialises. Did you see their reunion pic in the paper yesterday? Isn't Nick Beggs still a knob? Talk about embarrassing dad. He did his own tattoo with marker pen. What is he, 14? He'll be writing poetry next or doing something silly with his hair. Oh...

Neither are we going to talk about Jordan and Peter splitting, as it's everywhere and my feelings are that if this split is genuine - and let's face, with those two anything's possible where money is concerned - he got tired of being trapped in a loveless marriage that was used solely to generate cash and keep Jordan in the public eye, so he fucked off. And good for him. It seems everyone's on his side.

No, let's talk about the white lumps on my hands. They're tiny. My skin is dry. What are they??


Planet Mondo said...

For years I've been of the opinion the mainstream eighties were possibly the worst decade ever, in so many ways.

Moustaches and legwarmers were 'in' (and sometimes worn at the same time), heavy-hitters did their worst work Bowie, Stevie Wonder, Pink Floyd. Random squeaks and bleeps were over every tune (listen to the madness in the middle of Owner Of Lonely Heart). And Dire Straits, Sting, Howard Jones were 'in' and this bunch of empty air-heads with their tune free nitwittery were red hot for about three months..

That has to be one of the worst haircuts ever, like an octopus choking on a meringue.

Bright Ambassador said...

To be fair, CM, Owner of a Lonely Heart was never intended be a Yes track.

But I do think the 80s are regarded a little TOO fondly. Just listen to Chris Evans's request show tonight. It'll be the same parade of thirty and fortyomethings asking for Duran Duran or Rick Astley. Indeed I think a lot of my generation think music started with Rio and ended with Never Gonna Give You Up.

Five-Centres said...

Yes, I agree with you both. Sadly, it's only the overplayed, overblown nonsense that gets played these days on the radio. Chris Evans request show is execrable. You never hear Voice Of The Beehive or Siouxsie and the Banshees do you?

office pest said...

You may all envy me my Spandeau Ballet tickets.

Or you may not of course.

After I said I wouldn't, Mrs OP insisted, so we have. Then seeing them perform on J Ross's show a couple of weeks back I'm quite pleased about it now.

Just, please, no new material.

Kajagoogoo though - that is a step too far...

Ishouldbeworking said...

Good lord. The last stone to be left unturned.

I saw them doing some 80s Revival TV show last year, and Limahl appeared to be a man held together by self-loathing and duct tape. This will be utterly horrible.

Matthew Rudd said...

There is absolutely no way that Kajagoogoo will do any big venues. They don't have the material and they never had the fanbase, even in 1983. The story begins with the five of them having their photo taken together, and ends with it too.