Monday, July 13, 2009

We Are Moving!

Exciting news and beginning of a new era, as Five-Centres is moving.

We're taking up residence into the brand new TVCream building, its stunning new central London location (formerly Bourne & Hollingsworth) boasting sweeping views of the Thames on one side, the West End on the other (you can just about make out Gamages from the fifth floor stairwell window), with a nice little branch of Fine Fare on the ground floor, and a brand new Spindles bistro on the top floor, complete with roof gardens for that special al fresco dining experience.

To celebrate, we're holding a Miss Five-Centres pageant (Maggie Henderson to win!), the cast of Howards' Way will be on serving duty, and Spindles' old standards will be given a great new twist by the Cooking Canon. Offical opening duties carried out by Middle Of The Road frontwoman Sally Carr holding a giant pair of scissors. Then they'll be serenading celebrity-studded guests with their greatest hits.

The site is still available here for now, but also appears on the TVCream site too, so though I can no longer have my blogfeed blogroll or anything like that on the site, don't be a stranger, because I won't.


TimT said...

My, we are moving up in the world, aren’t we?

Does this mean you’re only going to write about telly from now on? I do hope not - I’d miss those spittle-flecked rants about cyclists, barbecues, and 101 other topics.

Planet Mondo said...

So when's it all kicking off FC?

See the Lord John building in the pic, Don Arden (Sharon Osbourne's dad) ran his offices from above the LJ shop, while managing the Small Faces. They had an account at Lord John, and you'll see a blue plaque in honour of them above the location of this former groovy boutique if you ever visit Carnaby Street.

Five-Centres said...

I have to say I've not been down Carnaby Street for years. I remember when I first went there they still had all this groovy lino swirly covering on the road. That's all gone now of course.

I'll still be being me, TT, on that you can rely.

Ishouldbeworking said...

Ooh, I was only in that neck of the woods on Friday night, enjoying a Korean. It was buzzing up there. How groovy. Compared to the craphole it became in the seventies and eighties, you could almost say the area's got its mojo back. What fun you'll have.

But don't go changing too much - I'd miss the rants as well!