Thursday, August 20, 2009

Don't Dictate

Have we ever talked about duets before?

I love a nice duet. There are so many in the world and always loads to choose from. I'm currently compiling a playlist for an upcoming event, and while I've agonised over my choices - you know, Japan's in then out then in then out then in again, but with Visions of China rather than All Tomorrow's Parties and before that Life In Tokyo. Anyway, I'm making it quite Eighties (with some Sixites and Seventies to blance it out), not obvious Eighties as in Rick Astley or Bananrama, but as a compilation album might be called, the other side of the Eighties.

So among gems such as Major Tom by Peter Schilling, (Return To The Valley Of Out Come The Freaks by Was (Not Was), No GDM by Gina X, Mesopotamia by the B-52's, Saved By Zero by Fixx and yes, Cocktails, Cool World by Mondo Rock, are two lovely duets: Pale Blue Eyes by Paul Quinn & Edwyn Collins, which I've finally tracked down on a French CD to replace my crackly old vinyl copy, and Fools by The Only Ones and Penetration's Pauline Murray.

Both with vocals just this side off off, very mellow, which just adds to their allure, and very Eighties, spare arrangements, slide guitars, etc. Here's Paul and Edwyn. In the meantime, anything I'm missing that I won't know already?


Clair said...

Well of course there's this - - which you introduced me to. Marvellous.

Five-Centres said...

Oh yes, and there's something rather French about it, don't you think?

Planet Mondo said...

How about Quiet Life for your Japan entry? or even Numan - Music For Chameleons, Pete Shelley - Homosapien, Animal Magnet - Welcome To The Monkey House, Hey Elastica - Eat Your Heart Out, Soft Cell - Memorabilia (Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing version), early H-League, Grace Jones - Warm Leatherette, Bauhaus - She's In Parties as alt choices.

Or even sling this random mash up in.

Marisa Monte does a mellow melting take on Pale Blue Eyes, you can lend it an ear here here

But back to duets why have Tom Jones and Shirley Bassey never teamed up for some lung-busting.

Five-Centres said...

Got Grace Jones, Bauhaus, Shelley and Numan, but Animal Magnet's a good call, PM. Avoiding H League, but going with early Dep Mode - Dreaming of Me, and OMD too.

Thanks for the link.

Planet Mondo said...

Have you got Monkey House FC? If not shout and I'll upload, Interferon Get Out Of London's a goody - or Flesh For Lulu Subterraneans if you fancy going goth..

How about Ronnie Griffiths Best Part Of Breaking Up that tune was everywhere if you were out and about in the 80s Simple Minds I travel (remix) is a belter too.

Five-Centres said...

I've got the Minds on there, and I've got the Interferon track at last on some US comp I got off eBay. Don't know Monkey House so yes please.

Ishouldbeworking said...

You can't do homage to the 80s without Lawnchairs by Our Daughter's Wedding, No Tears by Tuxedomoon, Me No Pop I by Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Fascist Groove Thing by Heaven 17, Chant No.1 by Spandau Ballet, and Memorabilia by Soft Cell.

None of which are duets, but you can't have everything your own way.

Cocktails said...

You could always play 'I Eat Cannibals'. It's not obvious and NO ONE would be expecting it.

Five-Centres said...

Ha! Very true. I'm on to it.

Anonymous said...

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