Wednesday, August 05, 2009

A Thumping Good Browse

This popped up in my inbox today. Are we meant to take it 'serious'ly?

That said, I am intrigued. I wonder what his personal encounters are, and what his time travel involved? Sadly he's probably bonkers, a bit like those who believe all the stuff about John Titor, which I love to check out from time to time. You just never know...

I love a good conspiracy theory, don't you? Read on.


New book aims to prevent World War III

Ghosts of Derby by Lee Serious chronicles encounters with aliens
and government conspirators while arguing the world is on the brink
of nuclear war

DERBY, England (MMD Newswire) August 4, 2009 -- Ghosts of
Derby by Lee Serious is a personal account of time travel, nuclear
war, government conspiracy, extraterrestrial life and a host of other
topics. Intended to serve as an autobiography, the book chronicles
a series of extraordinary events whereby the author declares he
interacted with artificial and alien intelligences and gained access
to previously unknown means to travel through time.

"The book is about the struggle to stop nuclear world war from
happening and demonstrating that first contact with aliens is just
around the corner," Serious says. "My inspiration came from a
personal struggle for justice. The more that I wrote, the more that
came to light on this topic that I had to document."

Featuring photos, scanned documents and numerous quotations
from historical figures, the book is meant to inform readers about a
multitude of possible dangers facing the human race. Citing
evidence uncovered through personal encounters and Internet
research, Serious argues that nuclear war is imminent unless all
governing bodies of the world cooperate to prevent it.

About the Author
Lee Serious is a writer and student of law, sociology and
psychology. His autobiographical works are influenced by his
experiences in representing himself in court against the National
Health Service and the Home Office. A prolific writer, Serious has
completed 15 manuscripts for possible publication.


Dan W said...

"A prolific writer, Serious has
completed 15 manuscripts for possible publication." That is such a great final line.

And he's called Serious. Bizarre.

LF Barfe said...

I suspect that his name has been chosen so that he'll be 'Serious, Lee' in library catalogues if any of those 15 manuscripts make it as far as an ISBN.

Five-Centres said...

Serious, Lee.

Do you think it's a big hoax, Louis?

LF Barfe said...

I'm inclining towards genuine nutter. If it were a Henry Root job, he'd choose an inconspicuous pseudonym.

A Kitten in a Brandy Glass said...

When I worked in children's publishing, we once received a huge manuscript entitled "Nazi Science", which, among other things, was about its author's belief that government spy satellites were being used to make cats fight in the street outside his house, and how on his last visit to hospital, he had a pervading sense of the colour orange which reminded him of a dream he had in 1973.

The covering letter said that the book was "the result of twenty-five years of sustained mental effort".

Anyway, looks like he finally got that elusive book deal!

Bright Ambassador said...

I wish someone would drop a nuclear bomb on Derby.

Ishouldbeworking said...

Oh, no, this one's the genuine article alright. He means it, maaaan. We used to get loads of unsolicited stuff like this years ago when I worked in Aids and HIV. I have to admit I kept a couple of them for 'material'. Haven't seen this one before, though. Very good.

Five-Centres said...

Wow, I can't wait to read it.