Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Norwegian wouldn't

Do you ever buy stuff and instantly regret it?

Me too.

I bought that Beatles box set recently, and the moment I pressed the buy with one click button on Amazon, I knew I shouldn't have. I was watching some of those Beatles shows on BBC4, thinking how amazing it is that they remain so huge, realised there was so much about them I didn't know, musically, so popped upstairs and ordered the bloody thing. I'd had a couple of drinks, the mood was mellow. Say no more.

I don't even care for the Beatles that much. I prefer the Stones. But I thought it would be an education. I have to say, it's enjoyable, but I could probably have saved myself nearly £200, as I had a few of the albums already, and I'm sure I could have found the others for less of a price, though their albums don't really get discounted.

That's not the only thing I've bought that I regret of course. There was a white pine kitchen table that was so bleak it made the kitchen look like a murderer's flat in Wallander, a Haysi Fantayzee album, a small, grey sofa, a Fiat Panda that was like driving a sewing machine, the Rhoda box set, and a small matter of jukebox that I still can't shift. Anyone interested?


BPP said...

The Beatles were alright but let's face it, they were no Barron Knights.

Mondo said...

An old mate of mine has a phrase 'impulse buys never work' it's kept me on the wagon for years.

But any regrets usually get turned around and listed on the 'bay.

Having said that I broke the rule last night - when I did a buy now on one of these to replace my Fred Perry man-bag. I should have gone for the more discreet black Pan-Am one

Who said...

Pencil me in for the Haysi Fantayzee album.

Did I just say that out loud?

Five-Centres said...

Oh dear Mondo, and at your age, too. Give it one of your boys.

TimT said...

I’d love to take the jukebox off your hands, but I fear the FPO would object that it doesn’t fit with her design masterplan for the house.

Five-Centres said...

Well, think on TT... It'd be groovy in your basement kitchen.

Mondo said...

The exactly the phrase pinging around my noggin, literally within seconds of paying FC - perhaps I will, they already get most of my t-shirts so are used to dad hand-me downs

Ishouldbeworking said...

I'm too ashamed to describe my worst ever impulse buy, and I'm so glad my squeeze never reads any of this stuff as I know he'd take enormous pleasure in blabbing it. He still loves to remind me of it, the git.

Strangely I had a phase about ten years ago when I got a bit worried that I'd never really loved the Beatles and went out and bought all the albums, only to play them and realise that I simply never WOULD love them. I'm a Stones girl, like you.

Five-Centres said...

I've always thought of myself as a Stones girl, too.