Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Doctor Who spoilers!

I've just come across some spoilers for the last few David Tennant episodes, and some of the Matt Smith ones.

Don't read on if you don't want to know!

1. The Christmas episode will be called On The Eve of Evil. June Sarpong guest stars.

2. Matt Smith's first ep involves a battle with some giant crabs (we've seen them before, apparently, but I don't remember them).

3. Guest stars in the Matt Smith series include Pauline Quirke, John Challis, Barbara Marten, Stephanie Cole, Lulu, Adam Thomas, Jennifer Ellison, Christine Bottomley and Brian Cox.

4. Chances are, at least two ex-Doctors are to appear at some stage - but not necessarily together, before David Tennant bows out.

5. Amy Pond's parents are played by James Cosmo and Helen McCrory, with her granny played by Annette Crosbie. They will be vital in a battle with the Cybermen.

6. One forthcoming episode title is Claws of the Arack.

7. UNIT will play a major part in the new series.

8. The Doctor's brother will appear in the next series for the first - and last - time.

9. Katy Manning creation Iris Wildthyme will cameo in episode seven. But why, we don't know.

10. One episode is set in Amsterdam during WWII - Anne Frank, perhaps? Another is set among the early American pioneers.


GKW said...

Bit early for another April Fool's post, no?

Five-Centres said...

Don't be so sure it's not all true!

Simon said...

And have you seen her legs in the Police uniform? Enough to make me all un-pc I can say!