Wednesday, November 11, 2009

And now for something groovy

Say what you like about Cliff, he's had some cracking singles - Big Ship, Blue Turns To Grey, In The Country, Carrie, Devil Woman, Wired For Sound, Little Town. The list is endless. One day I might do a Cliff-only Five from Five, but for today, let's just settle for The Day I Met Marie. It's Cliff in imperial not quite psychedelic phase. Loving the Austin Powers frills.

The name Marie was popular in Sixties song. No one would write a song about a Marie today. Or an Ann, Pamela, Shirley or Julie. More likely to be Daisy or Posy or Lily or something else ending in Y that's popular with today's crop of young parents. Are there any songs about Eliza?

Anyway, here we are then:


Mondo said...

What a look it's like Dirk Bogarde does John Pertwee. And the dancing on the spot is Bowie all over. What a tune, have I mailed you the Bollywood and Folk covers of We Don't Talk Anymore. I'll upload if you fancy.

Where could I get some cufflinks like that - are they truffles, sea urchins or somesuch

Five-Centres said...

Such an appreicative audience Mondo, I knew you'd love it.

There are cufflinks a-go-go on eBay, or more likely charity shops on the continent.