Monday, November 23, 2009

I am not a star! I am a Freeman!

I saw a trailer for a new British film I've not of before called Nativity!

It's the usual wannabe heart-warming sub-Richard Curtis type thing, all the rage in just about every British film since The Full Monty, and usually claptrap that never catches alight. See everything from Kinky Boots to well, every other Brit flick dramedy.

This one's about a failed actor turned primary school teacher who is put in charge of the school nativity play. A chance remark about Hollywood coming calling sees the story spiral out of control and...well you can guess the rest.

I've not seen any reviews and for all I know it's the 'feelgood film of the year' (again), but you can guess can't you: Fat kid who blossoms, bullies taught a lesson, Outnumbered-style faux pas by the kiddies, demon headmaster, twittery school secretary, foxy staff member who believes in him, strident closeted gay/lesbian teacher, pushy parents, bright kids from disadvantaged backgrounds, etc. Throw in a jarring scene in which all the teachers in the common room find themselves letting it all hang out to Betty Boo or Queen and there it is. Your classic British comedy drama. Another one.

It's no surprise to discover that this one stars Martin Freeman. Of all The Office regulars, he's the nearly man whose career has properly stalled. Too bland to be a leading man, he's stuck in this kind of thing or terrible TV comedies that get awful reviews. He's such a blank. It's a shame because he was great in The Office, but sadly I think that was probably his finest hour.

This won't help. I hadn't seen the poster before I wrote this, but it says it all, doesn't it? Poor Martin Freeman. Perhaps if it's a hit he can be in Ugly Betty too.


Cocktails said...

Nope, if you want a 'school comedy' don't watch this, watch Summer Heights High.

Ishouldbeworking said...

I think you should go and see it, and try and write an honest, objective review. Go on, go on....

Mondo said...

I quite like him, but haven't seen the films. Although I could imagine him becoming the UK's answer to Steve Guttenberg.

Adam Sandler is the one I can't stand. It's that pickled wince, and who is he anyway ~ why should I go and see any film of his I don't know him from Adam, literally.

Matthew Rudd said...

I saw this trailer at the gym today. The sound was turned down on the television, yet even then I knew exactly what the film was about.

Chris Hughes said...

When I first saw that poster I couldn't work out why the school caretaker was in charge of the nativity play.

"This Christmas it's mayhem in Bethlehem." You can just hear the exact intonation used in the trailer, can't you? With a little chuckle around about 'mayhem'.