Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I know you'll probably stone me to death for this - then again,perhaps you won't - but I'm really enjoying Miranda Hart's self-titled sitcom.

When was the last time BBC2 put a comedy in an 830pm slot? I think that's what made me watch. Usually, all comedy is late night, mainly Channel 4 and dark and edgy or sweary and studenty.

Miranda is none of these things. It's a delightfully old-fashioned studio-bound sitcom about a great lump with a good heart who hasn't made much of her life but is happy enough with it, even though those around her think she could do better.

It's full of one-liners, asides to camera, silly boarding school jokes and the star herself, who makes me laugh just to look at her. And the 'You have been watching' as the end credits roll is just the icing on the cake. I don't think I've seen that since Oh Doctor Beeching! Good turn from Patricia Hodge as her mother, and Sally Phillips as a ghastly friend who's everything Miranda thinks she should be but can't.

It's rather refreshing to see this type of non-threatening, non-challenging show being such a hit, and it's got really good reviews. I think the time is right for a show that's aimed at everyone, rather craving the praise of The Guardian (although I think they liked it too).

So well done to Miranda. I met her at a party a few years back, but the person I was with was really rude to her so we had to move on. I saw her again at the same do last year but I never got to her. This year I'll be making a beeline.


Chris Hughes said...

Heh, I'm liking it, too. I really didn't think much of her in Not Going Out, but her character there was just basically a foil for Lee Mack's wisecracks.

I like the asides to camera, and, of course, You Have Been Watching. It's great to see people like Peter Davison and Patricia Hodge in sitcom, too.

It's what I call enjoyable.

Clair said...

It's actually a nice, family comedy I think. And hooray for that; I'm fed-up of everything having to be 'cutting-edge', just so commissioning editors can look good at parties.

Matthew Rudd said...

I think it's ace.

Helen said...

We love it in our house (that includes our 9 year old daughter). Really refreshing comedy.

Beth said...

Had a couple of attempts at watching but couldn't stick it. I'm obviously missing something though, as so many people of reliable judgement are going out of their way to say how much they are enjoying it.

Perhaps I just have no sense of humour.

Five-Centres said...

Come, come Beth. Edgy's out.

Suzy Norman said...

I love it. It's old fashioned but imaginative in places.
I like the nod to 'Allo 'Allo at the end.

Bright Ambassador said...

Not seen this TV version, but if it's anything like the Radio 2 series she did a couple of years ago there'll be absolutely no jokes in it. I seem to remember the plot was basically her mother having a pop at her for being fat and not having a husband. Ooh, my aching sides. Not.

And why all the fuss over this 'You have been watching' thing? It's not 1977 any more, much as a lot of people of my generation wish it were.

Mind you, what do I know? I'm still trying to work out why Countryfile got bumped for a children's programme the Sunday before last...

Beth said...

"cosy" is the new "edgy" is it?

Anyway, not saying it should be 'edgy', I like 'Outnumbered' for goodness sake! Just that it seemed a bit rubbish. And I did like her in that space thing.

Five-Centres said...

It's hit and miss, but it's doing a job that needs filling