Friday, December 18, 2009

On with the boots, back out in the snow

That's it with The Restaurant for me. After that absolute travesty of a result, it can no longer be taken seriously. If it returns, which I very much doubt it will, I won't be watching. The guy can't even cook. How did they come to that decision?

On another note, I was disappointed by the paucity of snow down SW11 way this morning. It's all over NW1 and there's call after call from those who purport to be snowed in. Lucky old them.

But it was snowing when I left the house, so it was on with the ipod and straight to the Christmas pop playlist. But it's odd. It's snowing, Stop The Cavalry fills my head but I still don't feel that Christmassy. I think what was my festive fave has been hijacked and therefore ruined by Argos this year since about October, so it's lost its once-a-year appeal. Then I remembered I'd not heard Mike Oldfield's he-played-all-the-instruments-himself-you-know tour de force In Dulce Jubilo and realised that that's my new favourite instead. So all is not lost.

But I still don't feel so festive. I think it's that we're simply not used to having snow at Christmas on the whole, so to hear those songs while snow is falling is highly incongruous. It's somehow wrong.

Perhaps today's giant-sized Christmas lunch might get me in the mood. I need a sherry.


Chris Hughes said...

What a travesty.

What annoyed me most of all, I think, was that sequence of lovely Chris out in the rain picking vegetables (AS HE'D BEEN INSTRUCTED) while cocktail tosser got on the phone and ordered his in.

And then Chris diligently making a souffle (AS HE'D BEEN INSTRUCTED) while JJ pissed about spraying a load of blackberry milkshake all over the kitchen.

A joke. I shouldn't get annoyed about things like this, but that was a disgrace.

Suzy Norman said...

JJ looking pathetically grateful and dumbstruck at the end says it all. I won't be watching it again. (Except I probably will. Damn those pantomime executioners!)

A Kitten in a Brandy Glass said...

Raymond B has written a blog post to explain himself. I think he quite fancies running a cocktail bar, basically.

Helen said...

I was so disappointed by the result. Infact, disappointed by the whole programme this time round. There is no comparison between this year's and last year's contestants. The only bonus being not having to watch JJ and whatchamacallhim hi-fiving each other and sounding like 80s stockbrokers.

Chris Hughes said...

The mutiny goes on! (read the comments)