Monday, January 18, 2010

Are You A Gleek?

After much deliberation, we finally watched Glee.

For those who don't know what this is, it's the US TV sensation about a High School choir, or Glee Club as they call it over there.

I wondered if it might be just too High School Musical and full of young love and showtunes. Well it is full of young love and the odd showtune, but it's more like The X Factor meets Election and it's great. Jane Lynch as the gym teacher is fearsome and the Matthew Morrison who plays the guy whose job it is to turn the Glee Club around is really good too. I urge you to give it a go. I hate to use the word, but it really is a feelgood show.

One song that popped up in the first ep was Journey's Don't Stop Believin'. This song is suddenly all the rage and it's got Glee to thank for it. It appeared in the show, then on American Idol then The X Factor and consequently it's shot up the charts, 27 years after being released. I remember it as a Radio Luxembourg Powerplay and have loved it since.

Here's the Glee cast puttin' on a show with said number. It works so much better as a duet.


Simon said...

It is sitting on the Sky+ box waiting for tomorrow night to be watched instead of the football. Was recomended to us several times in Canada so expectation is high.

Anonymous said...

I was put off when I heard that Boyd Hilton extolling its virtues on the radio.

Five-Centres said...

Hmm, I understand Anon. It's enough to put you off. Why they both to ask his opinion on anything is beyond me. I mean, have you seen the Heat TV section, what there is of it?

Anonymous said...

I know, and so ugly, too. He was in The Guardian this morning as well, spouting off abot what dramas the BBC should ditch.

You should put yourself forward - you're so much more knowledgeable, and more handsome to boot.

Five-Centres said...

Anon, I love you.

Anonymous said...

Aww, thanks. I love you too.

TimT said...

I watched both the first two episodes last week and I loved it. I even downloaded Journey’s original version of ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ from iTunes - and I used to hate all that American MOR rock, having been overexposed to it blaring from my brother’s room as a teenager.

You’re being a tad harsh on young Boyd, I feel - someone I used to work with many moons ago, and who was witty and engaging in person. And from what I remember, the TV section of Heat is the only bit that’s remotely readable by anyone with two brain cells to rub together.

A Kitten in a Brandy Glass said...

I watched the first episode, and thought it was passable background viewing in an Ugly Betty kind of way, but I really don't get why everyone thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread.

Maybe lots of people have a secret yearning to listen to cheesily staged showtunes and this gives them an excuse to do so AND stay fashionable?

Five-Centres said...

Interesting hypothesis Kitten. Perhaps you're right.