Friday, January 22, 2010

Night Of A thousand Drinks

No post yesterday because I was horrifically hungover from the National TV Awards. Luckily I'd booked the day off which was just as well. Usually I find it hard to enjoy these things a) because I'm awfully jaded; and b) because they're always mid-week or earlier and I have to get up in the morning.

But not this time.

I was a guest in a box with a great view right over the main stage. From the moment X Factor winner Joel McElderberry took to the stage to sing Don't Stop Believin' I knew I was in for a good night. That's the danger of free drinks. Consquently I don't really remember much else about the ceremony except Dermot O'Dreary was his usual ultrabland self and Jedward 'danced' with Vanilla Ice. I was talking through most of it.

Later on, I could be found slurring all over everyone. Poor Ken Barlow. I think he was backing away with his manbag over his face. I'd seen most of the attendees before, all except Jordan. She's a remarkably pretty woman, so tiny. But the tan and the dark hair have got to go. But I'm still going cold after remembering discussing the state of British drama with Shameless actress Annabelle Apsion of all people. I could barely string a sentence together.

But I actually had a super time. All I remember is staggering out the door to get a taxi. I could barely walk, let alone walk in a straight line.

So back to real life now, and because it's Friday, here's some music:

The marvellous forgotten Fad Gadget with Back To Nature


Cocktails said...

I think you might have already supplied the shock statement of the day: Jordan is 'remarkably pretty'.

Are you sure? Are you absolutely sure? This cannot be.

Five-Centres said...

To my utter surprise, I'm quite sure.

Ishouldbeworking said...

How great to see the late lamented Frank Tovey. I loved him, you know.

As for the Jordan/Pretty issue, having seen her teetering conspicuously around the Lanes when she used to live here, I could always see there was an essentially attractive girl under all the Fake Bake and fillers, but the gimlet-eyed expression meant I could never think of her as 'pretty'. But with knockers like that, who cares, knoworrimean?

Mondo said...

What were you drinking FC? Not mixing and matching surely, that's the killer.

Love the Fad Gadget tune. It's best booming at club-level.

PS - Don't forget it's Eno night on BBC 4 tonight

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