Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dry your eyes

It's almost enough to make you feel sorry for Gordon Brown.

Not because of what he's been through, but because he has to be asked to cry in public to get the public vote. What sort of cynical, manipulative society have we become that politicians must sob on camera to stand any chance with us? (It won't work by the way).

I blame Diana of course. The country broke down and has never recovered. Now, everyone cries. Whether it's on a game show, a chat show, at work, in the street, on the radio, in magazines. It's pathetic.

I may sound like I'm being harsh and cold, and I'm sure if I really had something to cry about then I wouldn't hesitate in letting it all gush out. But I can't stand this current trend for wearing one's heart on one's sleeve. It's just not...well, British, I suppose.

And Alastair Campbell. He should know better. He cried over the fact that people were a bit mean about Tony Blair. Get a grip, man! No one's crying about that and even less people are going to cry for you. I know he's had his issues in the past, but really, no need to shed any tears.

It's a cold, hard world out there. Time to toughen up.

Now, where did I put that piping bag...


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office pest said...

Harsh but fair, Fletcher, harsh but fair.

Ishouldbeworking said...

I agree. And am amazed that Brown agreed to go along with it. Utterly, utterly debasing.

roym said...

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