Friday, February 19, 2010

Sharpe + Numan would be proud

I was going to do five songs from the F-C ipod today, but I can't find Love In Copenhagan by Studio Orkest olv Tony Vos on YouTube. Shame, cos it's one of those lovely girls breathily going la-la-la over a Sixties beat, and probably soundtracked many a groovy European party circa 1968.

So instead, let me tell you about meeting Ricky Gervais last night. Actually there's not much to tell. It was him, Stephen Merchant and that donut Karl Pilkington (is he for real or is it all a clever act?) at the launch of the Ricky Gervais Show, which their podcasts in cartoon form.

I only went because as regular readers will know, I'm not a fan, and I wanted to see how he was thinking on his feet. Would he be defensive, rude, arrogant or funny, warm and approachable? I hate to say it but it was the latter. He was really nice. And genuinely funny. Stephen Merchant I found a bit arch, but Gervais himself was professional, honest and open. What a shock.

I Don't think much of the podcasts though. It's just people sitting a room talking. I really can't get into the whole podcast thing. Life's busy enough. I've got too much music to hear. I've tried with Andrew Collins and the Word, but only because I was mentioned in them. What does that say about me?

While you ponder that here's Sounds Orchestral and another current favourite. Stop me if you've heard it before. Will you be spending the weekend like this woman?


Cocktails said...

I don't get the whole 'blokes sitting around in a room talking' style podcast either. Unless it is Simon Mayo + Mark Kermode or Mondo + Piley that is.

I'm really suprised that you haven't led on today's hugely exciting news story. Simon Cowell is engaged. Well, fancy that.

Cocktails said...

And how can you not like the The Office?!

Come on now.

Five-Centres said...

I do like The Office. And Extras. Just was never mad on the man himself.

Simon Cowell engaged; excuse me while I fall about laughing, Cocktails. It's as believable as Cheryl and Ashley Cole's marriage.

Ishouldbeworking said...

I've heard that RG is "a miserable git" offstage, but I've heard that about lots of comedians (and am never surprised by it anyway - I wouldn't expect professional comedians to be cheerful, humble souls any more than I'd expect sports professionals to have interesting personalities.). Glad you were pleasantly surprised by him though.

I can take the odd podcast - Adam and Joe's is always good value, but I gave up on Collings and Herrin (fond of them both individually, but together it's like listening to two eleven-year old boys who've just eaten a kilo of Refreshers.). Mondo and Piley's 'Podrophenia' does it for me - just enough chat and excellent music.

Now, I must get back to doing my Nude Yoga in perfect silhouette on the riverbank. Lovely news about Simon Cowell, by the way. I couldn't be happier for him.

Mondo said...
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Mondo said...
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Mondo said...

What a tune I'm sure I know the Sounds Orchestral name from my Melody FM days. It sounds like the intro to a 60s arts show with two chaps in trendy chairs, sat on a podium as the lights fade up.

Bless you both about our poddies. We recorded number 8 last night 'Families' was the theme. Marc Almond, The Undertones (previously unreleased version of something)and this funky nugget from the Brady Bunch are on the playlist. Plus a a couple of songs recorded by our respective uncles

Anonymous said...

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Bright Ambassador said...

I love that tune. And, yes, I would love to spend the weekend with that lady, right there.

Anonymous said...

You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.

John Medd said...

It perhaps says something about me that, despite my pop sensibilites, the only radio I listen to is Radio 3 & 4. So podcasts - Rhod Gilbert, Perfect 10, Podrophenia etc kick any commercial radio station into the long grass.

Anonymous said...

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