Friday, March 05, 2010

Try saying Matteson's without saying mmmm!

All this talk of old ads - and it's many thanks to A Kitten In A Brandy Glass for tracking down the Eighties Matteson's Madeleine Bell-belted number I've been looking for for more years than I care to mention but which for reason I can't ebmed here - has got me even keen to track down this old favourite:

Here's something new for those people who said:
"Give us something different in a cheese spread"
Take some Primula cheese and just spread it with ease
It's handy to use and it's certain to please

For meals and snacks have Primula ready
There's no need for butter it's so creamy and spready

You'll always have taste but you'll never have waste
So here's to something different with a cheese taste!

Help me!

And I'd really like to find this:

Bring me apples
Bring me honey
Bring me hazelnuts
Bring me wheat

Bring me good things to e-e-eat
Kellogg's Country Store


A Kitten in a Brandy Glass said...

I can't tell because I don't have speakers on my work computer, but is this Kellogg's Country Store advert the right one?

Five-Centres said...

It seems not Kitten. It's kind of folky with a woman singing, but that's no good to you if you have no speakers.

Ishouldbeworking said...

"Something different with a cheese taste"? That sounds absolutely revolting.

I remember the Country Store one - I just sang it to make sure. Can't find it though, sorry.

I've been bothered recently by "There are two men in my life, to one I am a mother, to the other I'm a wife, and I give them both the best, with natural Shredded Wheat'. But can I find it? Nope.

Anonymous said...

Alles richtig so

Mondo said...

Was that the ad' with a Seven Brides type The Young Generation lot building a barn? Or was it the Country Style choco bar.

I'm mad-desperate to track down the little motif played pre and post ad breaks on the Benny Hill Show (usually had fireworks behind the logo)

My old neighbour invented the Matteson's Butcher Man logo

Five-Centres said...

That'll be the country style choc bar with the red gingham wrapper, Mondo.

This was the Alpen-style cereal.

There's loads of ads on YouTube, but a lot of them are in bunches. Just saw a marvellous lots with so many memorable jingles.

"smack your chops, lick your lips, eat a lovely bag of Chipsticks"

Anonymous said...

An oldie but a goldie...

Five-Centres said...

That is totally brilliant anon, I've never seen that before. Liz Smith AND Rod Hull and Emu. What a dream team.

We really must meet!

Mark Reckons said...

Putting the ad to one side for a minute, I used to love Country Store. It was my favourite cerial as a kid and I even had it sometimes as a young adult. Then about 10 years ago it just disappeared from the supermarket shelves.

However I was in Ireland last year and they had it all over the place there. I bought some but I was very disappointed. I think it was still the same recipe but my very sweet tooth I had when I was younger seems to have evolved somewhat. I could barely finish a bowlful it was so cloyingly sweet. I looked on the ingredients and indeed sugar was very near the top I think it might have been the second one.

Never revisit your childhood favourites after a prolonged break is the moral of the story.

Five-Centres said...

I learnt that lesson with Texans, Aztecs and Golden Nuggets, Mark.

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