Friday, April 23, 2010

I rock. I really do

What's your view on Foreigner?

I think the first time they came to my attention was when that dreadful dirge I Want To Know What Love Is hit the charts. The video of people out shopping in slow motion compounded in my mind that they were dull rock dinosaurs and therefore should be dismissed as not my thing.

Of course here we are years later and Urgent is my ringtone. Not only that: Hot Blooded, Double Vision, Jukebox Hero and many, many more are all ace.

I was never much of a big rock fan as a youth. I liked the odd Rainbow song and the Cult were quite heavy, but over the years I've embraced it like an old friend. Only this morning I was headbanging to AC/DC in the car. You can't beat a bit of Rush, Motorhead, Judas Priest and Deep Purple. I've even learnt to love bits of Led Zeppelin, but I still don't think they're the best band in the world ever.

Because it's Friday, here's Headgirl with this classic:


BPP said...

Foreigner are shit, that's what I reckon.

John Medd said...

Whether you rocketh or you rocketh not, Lemmy reaches the parts other music can't.

Mondo said...

You seem to be migrating from Melody FM to Planet Rock FC..

Never a Foreigner fan really too many sports jackets and polite perms.

But AC/DC, Purple and Zep yes! Have you tried ZZ Top's Eliminator? Treat yourself if not..

Ishouldbeworking said...

Careful with that stuff. You could wake up and find you've turned into Jeremy Clarkson.

Ishouldbeworking said...
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Simon said...

Iron Maiden for my drive home from work tonight.

Five-Centres said...

There's nothing like it to get you going.

Bright Ambassador said...

AC/DC's new Iron Man 2 OST is the best driving CD. Ever.