Friday, April 16, 2010

Last post*

The end of a quiet week.

As the ash settles I was going to blog about my lack of love for soul music. Then I thought about doing something about an ultra-talkative, rather tiresome, completely exhausting friend of mine who not only terrified Ashely Jensen after bumping into her in LA with her endless chatter, but found herself sitting next to her on the plane home too, much to Ashley's clear displeasure.

But really I can't be bothered.

Mrs F-C was lucky enough to get the last plane out of Heathrow yesterday morning, but I fear she may never return.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. I'm high-pressure water-jetting my decking. It's a thrill a minute being me.


Louis Barfe said...

I never tire of that decking joke that one of Wogan's TOGs sent in. "I was in B&Q recently, when a chap in an apron asked if I wanted decking. Fortunately, I got the first punch in."

Ishouldbeworking said...


I did mine last weekend. It was the first time I've managed to get unhindered sole use of the pressure washer. I felt like a man.

Clair said...

Do you not love Motown? I think there's something very wrong if you don't...

Five-Centres said...

Motown is about the only thing of that genre I do like. But not all of it. Some of is pretty dull. But in the main, yes, I am a fan. The Four Tops' If I Were A Carpenter and The Temptations' Ball Of Confusion are two of my fave songs.

I don't really count it as soul.