Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's Five from Five Tuesday!

I'm a but busy to get down to any blog business, so instead, let's have some tunes that have been wowing me lately. Sadly, my song du jour, Confusions About A Goldfish by John Kongos is not on YouTube, but do check it out if you have the inclination. It's a corker.

So some of these are old faves, some are new, but they're all smashers nonetheless. Enjoy.

First, here's the excellent reggae stomper from 1969 Wet Dream by Max Romeo. Banned by the BBC it sounds saucy, but apparently it's about fixing a hole in the roof to stop the rain coming in. Hmmmm...

Now, here's my Dutch sister-in-law's favourite teenage pinups Doe Maar, with Pa. It's a song about dad telling you to do this that and the other, you rebel, but you know he's probably right at the end of the day. Doe Maar were a hit in Holland as they sang in Dutch and not English, something of a rarity she tells me. I like to think they're Holland's Wang Chung.

Something German now, more from Deutsche Neue Welle period. It's the wonderful Zauberstaub by Za Za, who likes John Keeble meets Owen Paul. Very Eighties, very German, very good.

Not sure if this vid really was made for this song, but it's kind of appropriate. Here's hippychick Julie Felix with the exotic Snakeskin.

Here's the other side of the Eighties, the better, more fondly remembered side. It's Tallullah Gosh with their eponymous non-hit. Still sounds very, very of its time.

I'm resisting Albert Hammond's wonderfully titled I Don't Want To Die In Air Diaster - well, who does, Al? So instead it's the memory-invoking I'm A Train. Never a hit here, but surely it should have been.


Chris Hughes said...

The world awaits your book on Europop.

Mondo said...

No surprises really I guess - but Julie Felix is my fave (the video is from Star Trek BTW- you'll see this intergalactic go-go girl in the end credits sometimes).

On a similar riff, watch out for a few dutch nuggets from me this Friday.