Monday, June 28, 2010

Look! Emma Watson's got a new boyfriend - and it's official

I see Emma Watson's gone official about her new boyfriend George Craig.

Fans must be up in arms. She's not actually allowed to have a boyfriend if they have their way. Remember the fuss this post caused?

Let me refresh your memory. I stood next to her at the bar while she openly snogged some bloke. I was called a lair, among other things, and I'm proud to say for a brief moment there I became an international hate figure among the Emma Watson barmy army for daring to suggest she's not really Hermione Granger and that a woman has needs.

Good for Emma. She's just a young woman having fun. I took a peek at one of the trillions of fan sites and already the terminally bonkers have a misplaced concern for her. "But what sort of man is he?" they shriek. "I'm so worried for her," they cry.

Leave her alone fans. It's not like she'll ever date YOU. And she won't be going out with Daniel Radcliffe anytime soon either because... well, let's leave it there.

She's clearly got bigger fish to fry.


Bright Ambassador said...

I'd love to come on her tits and face. Did you hear that Emma Watson fans? I'D LOVE TO COME ON HER TITS AND FACE! And take her up the wrong 'un.

Furtheron said...

"It's not like she'll ever date YOU. "

I'm crushed! you could have let me know it more gently :-)