Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So bad it's good - or just really, really, REALLY awful?

I dare you not cringe at this family group. Soon to appear in the new series of Pineapple Dance Studios (it won't called that but it's Louis Spence's new show).

I know I like bad pop, but there is a limit. And watch her ask him to kiss her all over her body. They're brother and sister, you know! And mum is truly Sue Sylvester sinister. They're Irish by the way.


Cocktails said...

Despite the posturing of the two out the front, the Mum is clearly the star. That piano solo makes the song don't you think?

Ishouldbeworking said...

Hah! The inevitable, malformed offspring of the 1970s Irish Showband. You only have yourself to blame for this, F-C. It's YOUR fault.

Cocktails said...

That stupid song is stuck in my head now - as is the leary grin of the brother.

Damn you FC!

Five-Centres said...

So we're concluding so bad it's good then?

You're right, iSBW, I do partly blame myself.

Ishouldbeworking said...

It's so appalling I've had to share it with others. Why should I be the only one to suffer?

AND they're from Cork. That means I'm probably related to them. Sweet suffering Jayzus.

Mondo said...

I don't trust him - he never blinks(and where did he get that suit, Robert Dyas?). Mum's straight out of Readers Wives, but the daughter could do OK as country singer.

Shocking, I wouldn't even inflict it on Eurovision.