Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dog on a string and other stories

They've torn down that Democracy Village from Parliament Square.

Good. Bloody eyesore. What started off as a legitimate anti-war protest (we all agree with that) was inevitably hijacked by a bunch of crusties, latching onto anything remotely anti-establishment and thereby ruining it for everyone else. You need only take one look at the knitwear to know the score. It's all so studenty.

Anyway, it was a terrible mess. Parliament Square is quite lovely when it's all green and the trees are out, all surrounded by imposing statues. Commentators have said it's the death of democracy but of course I disagree. I'm afraid I'm not a woolly liberal.

I remember being in the car with my mum about 1990 and some crusties were demonstrating about the M3 being built through St Catherine's Hill in Winchester. We came to a standstill as they battled with police. This was Swampy time and, being 25, naturally I was on their side. But then the scales suddenly fell from my eyes and I knew then what we all know now: they were simply a bunch of middle class students slumming it for a bit, smoking too much dope and thinking they were living this romantic, nomadic existence outside society. They'll be accountants now. I've never taken them seriously since.

On another note, I'm really quite getting into Sight & Sound magazine. I've flicked through it at friend's house in the past, but never considered buying it because I thought it rather worthy and bit Pseud's Corner. I was wrong. It's a thumping good browse.

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