Monday, July 05, 2010

Who wants a powerpop summer?

I thought I might have an 80s American powerpop summer. This may comes as bad news to Mondo, on whose blog I'm guesting shortly when I've made my mind up which three tracks to pick. Or he might embrace it. It's a minefield, I tell ya.

Anyway, this stems from a sudden remembrance of John Parr's Naughty Naughty. John Parr was of course the hitmaker behind the briliant St Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion), one of my favourite tunes of all time (and for a very long time my ringtone) from one of my favourite films of all time. The growling rocker reached a peak with that, and from there it was downhill all the way.

So, listening to some US stuff over the weekend I was reminded of Naughty Naughty. At the time I thought it was daft, but now I can see it's a corker. I love anything from sort of 83-86 that fits in with that Brat Pack feel. You know, post-new wave powerpop with a rock edge that could only have been made in America. I loved it then as I love it now: John Cafferty, The Romantics, The Cars, Cyndi Lauper, The Go-Gos's (sic), Joan Jett, Journey, The Motels, John Cougar Mellencamp, etc. And let's not forget the bands from here who were bigger over there: The Fixx, Wang Chung, Naked Eyes, etc., and not forgetting John Parr himself.

Sadly you can't embed the video (don't know why people disallow these things) so click the link

So here's the Go-Go's


John Medd said...

I always preferred those Wang boys when they were Huang Chung. Dance Hall Days anyone?

Ishouldbeworking said...

You have just filled a gap in my musical knowledge which might have gone better unfilled.

Mondo said...

80s American powerpop *gulps*. Only joking - it's all good bring it over. Loved The Baby's 'Isn't It Time'. I saw the vid' on ITV when they would drop 'pop' videos in, to fill gaps in the schedule.

Five-Centres said...

Don't worry Mondo, I'll be over the craze by then. It'll be something else.

You really need to know these things ISBW. All gaps must be filled.

Ishouldbeworking said...

It's no good. I just tried listening to the bloke with the mullet again, and I still ended up screaming under the table.

Anonymous said...

Shocking. Simply shocking.