Thursday, August 05, 2010

It was 20 years ago today

August 1990

1. Working at I job I hated - and would be there for five more years!

2. Had a bitch of a boss called Madeleine. Up until then I liked that name. Now it reminds me of panic and hairy legs above the knee.

3. Hadn't yet got together with the future Mrs F-C.

4. Owned a flat with my brother and another that was far too expensive for us. One day he announced he was moving out, leaving me to it. Cheers for that.

5. Was totally and utterly skint

6. Squandered the mortgage money on myself. Consequently went into arrears.

7. Felt, at 25, that I was far too old to be doing whatever it was I was doing and should grow up.

8. Had a series of flatmates from hell, friends who turned into people you'd happily knife.

9. Was too, too hot

10. Was somewhat thinner than I am today.

1990: Glad that's over.

Here's that year's Capital Radio Party In The Park standout:. She knocked The Chimes and Beverley Craven into a cocked baseball cap. So where were you?


John Medd said...

Sounds a familiar story. I think a lot of us have the same tee shirt. We were all skint and we were all skinny(ish).

Simon said...

August 1990 I was waiting for the second year of college to start, doing odd days of work in a sea front gift shop, reading dodgy fantasy trilogies and listening to lots of 'eavy metal.

Cocktails said...

August 1990. I was in year 10 at school. I had a Saturday job in the local record shop where I then went and spent all of my earnings. As much as I loved Betty Boo she didn't feature much on the shop stereo. It was Jimmy Barnes and Phil Collins all the way. Sigh.

You were into metal Simon?!

Michael said...

I was working in Woolwich and just about to leave Thatcher's Britain forever (though I didn't think it would be forever at the time). I remember thinking that there were no decent bands any more and that was end of good music, so I might as well move to Australia. Oh and I also met my future wife two months later, which reminds me must plan something for the anniversary.

Ishouldbeworking said...

Yeeeuch. I had clinical depression twenty years ago. An awful, awful time. Though I'm partly heartened to reflect that it WAS twenty years ago now.