Friday, September 03, 2010

It's three from Five Friday!

Still devoid of anything meaningful to say, music is still grabbing me. So let me share it with you.

First up is this little gem I discovered on a Dutch compilation. It was a Netherlands No.1 in something like 1974 and when I heard it the other day I had a major Proustian rush. I'm sure this cartoon clip was shown endlessly. In France it was and it was a hit in Australia. It's from the should have been massive concept album The Butterfly Ball. Vocals by Ronnie James Dio.

Talking of Australia, here's the lovely, Tull influenced, Arkansas Grass, a top ten hit in 1969.

And staying on a down under tip, he's the wacky but super poppy Hayride by the very Sixtiesly named Flying Circus. Ignore the woodpeckers and chipmunks. Not sure of the significance.


redscharlach said...

Oh yes, the Butterfly Ball cartoon was shown endlessly (or so it seemed), mainly as a Saturday morning between-shows filler. It was to the 1970s what "La Serenissima" by Rondo Veneziano was to the 1980s.

Mondo said...

The Butterfly Ball, I remember it as gap-filler too. But never knew the Deep Purple/Rainbow connections though..

Track three stops suddenly doesn't it?

Five-Centres said...

Yes, not sure why that is Mondo, but perhaps they cut off the silly ending where it speeds up and then abruptly ends.