Friday, October 01, 2010

Get off and milk it!

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I HATE cyclists.

I don't want to tar everyone with the same brush, but those who abide by the rules of the road are few and far between.

Yesterday, while stationary at the traffic lights, a cyclist went into me and somehow this was my fault. When I hooted my horn, just because I would have liked them to acknowledge they fallen onto my bonnet while trying to weave through the tightest gap because of course they have to be right at the front of the queue or else, I was told to fuck off and should have left more room.

Needless to say I was incensed. Even the motorcycles and mopeds around her were dumbfounded.

So why was that my fault. She looked embarrassed and pissed off that she'd gone into me and the taxi in front - and left deep scratches on both of us, but is that a reason to be so hostile. Whatever happened to apologising? Perhaps just a small wave of the hand to acknowledge she'd gone into my car and didn't mean to. I wouldn't have minded.

The other day an old duffer on a bike rapped on my window and told me I was in the bike box at lights. 'When did you care about the rules?' I asked, as he proceeded to jump the lights against the oncoming traffic.

Grrrr. They should be banned. At once.

Look at the picture; that's David Miliband. As I came out of the office car park yesterday morning he was walking by with his wife and child. I nearly said something, but he looked so dejected with a head full of thoughts, I decided against it.


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Electric Blue said...

You hooted your horn. That is SO cute! I love it.

Five-Centres said...

It didn't feel cute!

Lard said...

I commute to London and walk the mile or so to the office from Charing Cross. I am convinced that one of these lunatics is going to kill me before I get too much older. My most recent encounter involved one of the spandex/facemask brigade passing within a fag paper of my face at speed while jumping a red light. Why I oughta!