Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Long and Winding Road

I know I've said this many times before, but I have properly decided to wind this blog down.

It's been five years - count 'em! - and lately I really feel I've run out of steam. It's also quite a thankless task. I know people read it because they tell me so, but with the paucity of comments nowadays I feel like I'm pissing in the wind.

Perhaps Twitter is to blame. My attention span has gone down to 140 characters rather than lengthy waffle and it's far more immediate. The real time thing is far more rewarding. 

So that's it from me. I'll not delete the blog as I could be back at some stage (possibly tomorrow, you never know), but if you want me, I'm on Twitter. I'm not all over Twitter, far from it - I do have other things to do after all, but I'm there nonetheless, and under my real name. Time to step out of the shadows at last.

So perhaps it's a case of can't be bothered to write lots of stuff, and I'm sure I still have many stories to tell, but I simply can't be arsed to tell them. Everyone on the right hand side does it so much better than me, but I notice even they've lost the bug over the last year. Perhaps the fad is fianlly over. But it was fun while it lasted, wasn't it? This blog has been a joy and curse, but on the whole I've loved it.

Thanks for all your support, though, and see you in my tweets.


Anonymous said...

*sobs and leads the mourning parade in an ostentatious black gown and veil*

*wanders over to Twitter to see if you've said anything*

TimT said...

Truly, you are the Frank Sinatra of bloggers. I've lost count of how many farewell messages I've read.

See you on Twitter...

Helen said...

Oh! I'll miss reading your blog and don't really 'get' twitter, but I'm back on fb so will see you there. Thanks for the memories.

Benjamin said...

Bye-bye, I will miss your pearls of wisdom.

Ishouldbeworking said...

Well, I'm sorry to hear it (though you've teased us with this before). Twitter still has the feel for me of being in a pub with a load of people who are all shouting, and I just can't embrace it. I'd rather have a few well-observed paragraphs any day. Keep the blog, just in case.

Sarah S said...

I do enjoy your blog, and have read every post, I think! Will miss it. X

Sarah S said...
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office pest said...

Ah sorry just catching up. I am sorry to hear about this but as you say, it's your party and you'll blog if you want to, F-C. (J-P doesn't feel right at this late stage).

Amongst the 'regulars' I have to give credit to Messrs Piley, Mondo, Rudd and Medd (hey sounds like a great rock band - 1974 West Coast style), these chaps are the honourable exception to the tailing off trend, combining profligacy with imagination and more power to them for that.

But I am more guilty than most for intermittent blogging. I wonder if the mood I have is widely shared in the country; more jumpy than a couple of years ago (for good reasons we could well all be) and less likely to indulge in extended activities especially those that require a degree of self-examination or deeper thought. Conversley the rise of external stimulii to take us out of ourselves and forget awhile, with film, cooking, MORE TV yuk, Twitter and alchohol.

I wonder if there is anything in my cod-psychology; perhaps ISBW will come back and tell us.

All the best F-C, and if I ever join up with Twitter I'll look you up. Take it easy.